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What is resistance welding? | Fastener Engineering

In resistance welding, the metals are heated by an electrical current and parts are joined by pressure. Copper electrodes are placed on either side of the pieces to be joined. The electrode tips contact the metal sheets and push them together for a ... [Read More]

What is the best way to improve fatigue resistance of a bolted joint? | Fastener Engineering

The fatigue capacity of a bolted joint is very small, as compared to its static capacity. To improve fatigue resistance, designers can increase the thread capacity and decrease the alternating stresses at the threads.(...) via What is the best way ... [Read More]

How to select the ideal wedge lock | Fastener Engineering

Mounted directly to a printed circuit board (PCB), a card retainer — also called a wedge lock — securely holds the board in place. It’s used to reduce the risk of damage to the electronics within an embedded system and is often overlooked.(.... [Read More]

Auto Bolt expands with new packing & shipping warehouse | Fastener Engineering

Auto Bolt, a cold-heading bolt manufacturer since 1948, is expanding its facility. The company recently announced the acquisition 30,000-sq-ft. building next to its manufacturing plant in Cleveland, Ohio, providing a dedicated packaging and shipping ... [Read More]

Rockford Fastener joins EFG | Fastener Engineering

Elgin Fastener Group (EFG), a North American provider of system-critical engineered fastening solutions, announced that it has acquired Rockford Fastener, a manufacturer of specialty fasteners well-known for its quality and customer responsiveness... [Read More]

What is a lock nut and how does it work? | Fastener Engineering

A lock nut is a nut that resists loosening under vibration and torque. There are many types of lock nut but they can be broadly divided into those that use friction to prevent loosening and those that offer some form of positive locking device.(..... [Read More]

What is ultrasonic welding? | Fastener Engineering

Welding is a process used to join together two materials. These are typically metals but can also be plastics. The main mechanism of welding is heat; the parts to be joined are melted and then fused together during cooling.(...) via What is ultras... [Read More]

Southwestern Fastener Association announces new president | Fastener Engineering

BTM Manufacturing recently announced that its president, Jake Davis, will also be serving as president of the Southwestern Fastener Association (SFA) this year. SFA has supported the fastener industry since1975 with members from across the U.S.(..... [Read More]

New tough epoxy polysulfide adhesive resists high temperatures | Fastener Engineering

Master Bond EP21TPHT is a new two-component epoxy polysulfide system, designed for bonding applications that require toughened and thermally stable bonds resistant to chemicals. It resists temperatures up to 350° F, much higher than typical epoxy ... [Read More]

A guide to 316 stainless steel wedge anchors | Fastener Engineering

Wedge anchors, typically used in industrial applications, are a common choice because of the strength, rust resistance, and ease of use these devices provide.(...) via A guide to 316 stainless steel wedge anchors | Fastener Engineering. [Read More]