Fastener Engineering

Maxbolt’s built-in, load-monitoring device reduces downtime and joint failures | Fastener Engineering

Bolts and fasteners might be small, but their failure can cause big problems. In some critical industries — including processing, mining, and energy — joint failure is considered a major safety issue and keeping up with replacements is costly. ... [Read More]

Agrati invests $4 million in Ohio threaded-nut facility | Fastener Engineering

Italy’s Agrati Group, a global manufacturer of automotive fasteners, recently completed a $4 million investment in industrial machinery and equipment at its Tiffin, Ohio plant. The project took place throughout calendar year 2019, follows a $1.6 ... [Read More]

The father and daughter team behind Mudge Fasteners | Fastener Engineering

When Paul Mudge decided to open a fastener company back in the mid-70s, little did he realize his business — Mudge Fasteners, Inc. — would become a nationally recognized supplier, or that his daughter (who was barely four years old at the time) ... [Read More]

How to install a coiled spring pin | Fastener Engineering

Coiled Pins were designed with assembly in mind. Compared to other pins, their square ends, concentric chamfers, and lower insertion forces make them ideal for easy installation.(...) via How to install a coiled spring pin | Fastener Engineering. [Read More]

Four key features of bolt seals | Fastener Engineering

Bolt seals are a versatile and powerful security tool used in several industries worldwide. They are used to offer better protection of containers, trailer door latches, cross-border shipments, and other products.(...) via Four key features of bolt ... [Read More]

How do rivets work? | Fastener Engineering

A rivet is a mechanical fastener with a plane unthreaded shaft that’s inserted through holes to join two or more parts together. A permanently formed head at each end prevents the rivet from removal from the hole. The shaft prevents any radial ... [Read More]

Fastenal to build new offices in Winona, MN | Fastener Engineering

Fastenal is developing an office project in downtown Winona, MN, its headquarters city, with space for approximately 400 to 600 company employees. The project is being done in partnership with Opportunity Winona, a public-private partnership focused ... [Read More]

How to minimize the effects of vibration on fasteners | Fastener Engineering

How to ensure fasteners remain tightly sealed in applications that are prone to vibration is a question engineers frequently attempt to solve. Eventually, vibration loosens fasteners by creating relative motion between the threads. Loose fasteners ... [Read More]

What are Belleville Washers? | Fastener Engineering

A washer is a plate with a hole that lets a fastener to pass through it. The most common shape is a flat disk with a concentric hole. Washers are frequently used to distribute the clamping force from threaded fasteners over a larger area. This ... [Read More]

Crescent Tools unveils new industrial fastener line | Fastener Engineering

Over the past two years, Crescent has added five category-leading brands under its umbrella. This year, a sixth will join the family.(...) via Crescent Tools unveils new industrial fastener line | Fastener Engineering. [Read More]