2010-12-02 Taiwan CSC Jan./Feb. Wire Price: Flat Price for Wire Rod and Downward Adjustment for Other Steel Products

Article by · 2010/12/05 ·

On 11/29, Taiwan CSC has announced the domestic selling price for every steel product in Jan. and Feb. It decided reduce the price of any steel item except for wire rod. The average weighted price per ton is down NT$751 (-3.2%). The price for wire rod which many fastener manufacturers concern a lot remains flat.

CSC said that it reduced the price for steel products due to the correction to market trend, the upcoming Chinese New Year when the demand for steels is low, and the reduction of steel price in Asia…

source : Fastener-World Inc – complete article available at : http://www.fastener-world.com.tw/en/news_detail.php?id=188&topage=