LIGNOLOC® of the BECK Fastener Group Wins the German Design Award 2020 | Fastener World Inc.

The collated wooden nail now also convinced the jury of the German Design Council(...) via LIGNOLOC® of the BECK Fastener Group Wins the German Design Award 2020 | Fastener World Inc. [Read More]

Heller Premium Tools – quality and innovation | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

For over 170 years, the brand Heller has been inextricably linked with outstanding drilling tools – ‘Made in Germany’. Today, Heller offers drill bits for use in countless materials and as a consequence, the product portfolio now includes ... [Read More]

LÜLING sets new standards in surface quality with OPTI-S | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

With the newly developed surface quality OPTI-S, Fr. & H. Lüling GmbH & Co KG can now offer its customers the opportunity to opt for a completely new dimension in the surface quality of drawn cold heading steel. This is expressed in the ... [Read More]

Evolution not revolution | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Over the last four years Eurotec GmbH has invested significantly in both its logistics and production capability – following the same growth strategy that has seen it develop from a two person start-up in 1999 to a business with over 150 employe... [Read More]

The benefits of ‘Evotion’ | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

The last time Fastener + Fixing Magazine visited GESIPA® was in November 2017, when the company was at the beginning of its ‘Evotion’ project. Editor Will Lowry once again visited the Thal site to see the benefits of this investment now it is ... [Read More]

Dip spin coating lines ‘Made in Germany’ | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Based in Villengen-Schwenningen, in the south of Germany, Reinhardt GmbH is one of the global market leaders for dip spin coating equipment – offering complete solutions from dip spin coating to post coating heat treatment – all from one source, ... [Read More]

Max Mothes the manufacturer | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018, Max Mothes has a long and proud history as a leading distributor within the fastener industry. However, since 2012 the company has changed its focus to become a manufacturer of high performance technology... [Read More]

90 years of precision and growth | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

For almost a century, the name HONSEL has been a fixed term in the fastening industry for high-quality, innovative fasteners and processing solutions ‘Made in Germany’.(...) via 90 years of precision and growth | Fastener + Fixing Magazine. [Read More]

The ‘Mittelstand’ success story | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

By Dr Axel Hunsche, managing director at TesT GmbH Strategically positioned at the heart of Europe, Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world – with machinery as one of its strongest exporting sectors, setting quality standards ... [Read More]

Strengthening the family bond | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

For the first time in over 50 years the family behind Puehl will once again be involved in the day-to-day running of the business from 2020 – with the fourth generation, Dr Goetz and Ralf Kaltheuner, joining the operational board together with ... [Read More]