CFD 2019 is Now Available | Chinafastener .info

China Fastener Info plans to participate in the following international fastener and related exhibitions in the first half of 2019.(...) via CFD 2019 is Now Available! Get it FREE!. [Read More]

Top 100 China Fastener Suppliers 2018 Unveiled | Chinafastener .info

China Fastener Info has unveiled the winners of "TOP 100 SUPPLIERS 2018" by counting total clicks of fastener suppliers on during the year of 2018, including views of company information, supply information, service informat... [Read More]

Taiwan’s Fastener Export Reached New High in 2018 | Chinafastener .info

According to the statistics of Taiwan Industrial Fasteners Institute (TIFI), Taiwan’s fastener export volume in 2018 was up to 1.68 million tons (up 5.25% from the same period of 2017) and the export value was US$ 4.846 billion in 2018 (up 12.75% ... [Read More]

Taiwan’s Small Screw Exports Reaches New High | Chinafastener .info

In the first nine months of 2018, Taiwan exported over 160,000 tons of self-tapping screws to the world, up 10.87% from the same period of last year.(...) via Taiwan’s Small Screw Exports Reaches New High. [Read More]

China’s Fastener Exports Increase in First 10 Months | Chinafastener .info

According to the latest fastener import & export data from China’s Customs, in the first 10 months of 2018 China exported 2.7 million tons of steel and copper standard fasteners (total value: approx. US$5.4 billion) to the world, up 14.5% and ... [Read More]

Taiwan Fastener Exports Hit New High Record | Chinafastener .info

Taiwan’s fastener export value in the first 11 months of 2018 reached a new high at over US$4.4 billion. According to the statistics of Taiwan Industrial Fasteners Institute (TIFI), Taiwan exported 131,354 tons of fasteners in November, down ... [Read More]

China Fastener Info Exhibits at Wire India 2018 | Chinafastener .info

As the No. 1 trade fair for the wire and cable industry on the Indian subcontinent Wire India 2018 was held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India, from 27 to 29 November.(...) via China Fastener Info Exhibits at Wire India 2018. [Read More]

Despite rising costs, Taiwan’s CSC cuts domestic steel prices | Chinafastener .info

China Steel Corp said it would continue to stabilize prices and bring flexibility for the industry to react to changing market conditions. China Steel Corp (CSC), Taiwan’s largest steel producer, recently cut domestic prices on some of its ... [Read More]

Wenzhou Fastener Industry Expects to Increase 5% | Chinafastener .info

The output value of Wenzhou fastener industry forecasts to increase 5% in the year of 2018 compared with that of last year, and the exports of the first eight months of the this year saw a growth of 36.89% year-on-year.(...) via Wenzhou Fastener ... [Read More]

YuYao No. 2 Standard Fastener/YuYao Biaoer: A Reliable Partner For Eyebolts | Chinafastener .info

Established in 1973, Yuyao No.2 Standard Fastener Factory has been committed to supplying eyebolts for over 15 years. As the pioneer and leader in making and exporting eyebolts in China, Yuyao No.2 Standard Fastener Factory has built a strong ... [Read More]