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Crescent Manufacturing producing much-needed fasteners for ventilators | Fastener Engineering

Crescent Manufacturing, a supplier of miniature fasteners to distributors throughout North America and a growing international market, is currently supporting the fight against COVID-19. The U.S.-based manufacturer is producing 800,000 brass ... [Read More]

How ZAGO Manufacturing has built its success on teamwork | Fastener Engineering

Zero regrets are something the owners of ZAGO Manufacturing, a global manufacturer of high-tech, custom sealing solutions and components, can attest to after more than 25 years of business. Husband and wife team, Harvey Rottenstrich and Gail ... [Read More]

Fasteners for heavy equipment assembly | Fastener Engineering

Huck lock bolt and structural blind fasteners are designed to provide permanent, vibration-resistant joining solutions that result in consistent and reliable installations.(...) via Fasteners for heavy equipment assembly | Fastener Engineering. [Read More]

Advance Components now a master stocking distributor for Parker Fasteners | Fastener Engineering

Advance Components, an industrial fasteners master distributor, recently announced that it is now a proud stocking distributor for Parker Fasteners.(...) via Advance Components now a master stocking distributor for Parker Fasteners | Fastener ... [Read More]

Fastener Fair USA introduces digital platform, Connector365 | Fastener Engineering

Fastener Fair USA, North America’s fastest-growing expo for the fastener industry, just announced the launch of Connector365 Powered. The year-round online platform is a repository of thought leadership and industry expertise from across the ... [Read More]

Why plastics are the material of choice for most fasteners | Fastener Engineering

Plastic materials are quickly gaining credibility in the fastener industry and for good reasons. Plastic fasteners are strong yet flexible, durable, cost-effective, and they fail to rust, which is a big plus.(...) via Why plastics are the material ... [Read More]

Chicago Rivet & Machine offers custom manufactured riveting machines | Fastener Engineering

Chicago Rivet & Machine Co., an ISO/TS 16949 manufacturer of custom cold-headed parts and manufacturing standard riveting machines, offers customized parts and equipment.(...) via Chicago Rivet & Machine offers custom manufactured riveting ... [Read More]

How women-owned company, Advance Components, has changed the culture of fastener manufacturing | Fastener Engineering

In 2006, Doug Berry sat down with his two daughters, Suzy Cravens and Pam Berry, and shared some unhappy news. His health was failing, and he was ready to turn over control of the company he founded, Advance Components, to his family. Advance has ... [Read More]

What are extension springs? | Fastener Engineering

Extension springs, also known as tension springs, are springs that can be stretched to increase their length. When extended, these springs are under tension. Typically, each end of the extension spring is attached to a different component, when the ... [Read More]

Fastener Metallography: A free May webinar will be presented by Buehler | Fastener Engineering

Buehler, an ITW Company and a global manufacturer of metallographic equipment and consumables, is presenting a complimentary webinar on May 27th or 28th (depending on your time zone) for novices to experts: “Fastener Metallography – Guidelines ... [Read More]