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What are security screws? | Fastener Engineering

Security or tamper-proof screws are, for the most part, standard screws — but with one unique feature. They are made to be inordinately difficult to remove with the typical tools. The secure design helps reduce the risk of vandalism or disassembly ... [Read More]

Mark your calendar: Fastener Fair USA heading to Charlotte in May 2020 | Fastener Engineering

Fastener Fair USA, North America’s fastest-growing exposition for the fastener industry, will hold its third annual trade show and conference in May in Charlotte, NC, a major manufacturing hub.(...) via Mark your calendar: Fastener Fair USA ... [Read More]

Ramco offers new line of weld nuts for ultra-high strength steel applications | Fastener Engineering

Ramco, a provider and producer of critical components, has developed an innovative line of weld nuts designed to assist stamping companies and OEMs with thin, ultra-high strength steel applications.(...) via Ramco offers new line of weld nuts for ... [Read More]

What is thread galling and what causes it? | Fastener Engineering

By Michelle Froese | October 29, 2019 By Dr. Jody Muelaner Galling occurs when threads are damaged by material sticking and getting torn off.Galling is a common type of damage that can occur in threads. When galling happens, it appears as ... [Read More]