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Early Deployment for Customers- William Expands Sales to 5 Continents with Its Self-owned Brand – Fastener World Inc.

When it comes to Drywall Screws, Self-drilling Screws, Chipboard Screws, Thread Rolling Screws, Machine Screws used in the global construction, electronics, and non-safety automotive fastener industries,  the self-owned brand of William, “Willi... [Read More]

TFC Acquires GLR Fasteners Inc. – Fastener World Inc.

Triangle Fastener Corporation (TFC) is excited to announce the acquisition of GLR Fasteners Inc., located in San Jose, California. (...) via TFC Acquires GLR Fasteners Inc.-Fastener World. [Read More]

Fastener World Magazine. | Fastener World E-News N°14

Q4 Steel Prices May Climb Due to Insufficient and Tightened Steel Supply(...) via Fastener World Magazine. Buyer,Seller,Supplier Directory. Adverts. [Read More]

NFDA, NEVIB, and HKSFC Presidents on the Pandemic – Fastener World Inc.

For the past 6 months, lots of Taiwanese fastener suppliers in their relaxed conversations have been often talking about shortages of steel & raw materials, imbalance between market supply and demand, severe delay of international shipments and ... [Read More]

Push-Up Tools Udyog Pvt. Ltd: 24/7, Durable, Customizable, Quality-Engrained – Fastener World Inc.

Push-Up started in 1983 in India as a small-scale unit manufacturing carbide dies and trimming dies for the cold forging industry. Later, it added thread-rolling dies to the product portfolio and diversified to cold forging pins and punches, ... [Read More]

European/U.S. Customers’ Trust Winning CNC Service- MAC Precision Hardware Hails “Explosive” Order Growth – Fastener World Inc.

It has been over 6 months since the office relocation of MAC Precision Hardware, but the CNC precision engineering, quality control of products, and service for customers’ orders continue to demonstrate a fresh look to the company’s global ... [Read More]

Launching New Office Building- A Boost to Tong Ho Shing’s Customized Fastener Production & Service – Fastener World Inc.

Focusing on the construction and furniture markets, Tong Ho Shing International mainly manufactures stainless steel hex washer socket head screws, flange screws, round head screws, flat head screws, pan head screws and other small screws.(...) via ... [Read More]

Q4 Steel Prices May Climb Due to Insufficient and Tightened Steel Supply – Fastener World Inc.

After Taiwan’s China Steel Corp. (Taiwan CSC) adjusted the Q3 prices of its steel products by 4.1% on average, many industry analysts forecast that its Q4 prices may continue to follow the growing trend in the international market.(...) via Q4 ... [Read More]

‘Zero Chromate’ Zinc Electroplating Technology by Kamiyama Tekkosho – Fastener World Inc.

"Zero Chromate" developed by Kamiyama Tekkosho in Japan can provide surface treatment for the company's self-drilling and self-tapping screws or can be used for OEM purposes.(...) via 'Zero Chromate' Zinc Electroplating Technology by Kamiyama ... [Read More]

Aluminum Alloy Supplier Ting Sin’s Revenue Sets a Record High in June – Fastener World Inc.

The aluminum alloy wire rods manufactured by Ting Sin are the materials for EV and aerospace fasteners.(...) via Aluminum Alloy Supplier Ting Sin's Revenue Sets a Record High in June-Fastener World. [Read More]