10 Minutes with Deepak Arneja, Mohindra Fasteners Ltd –

TS: Tell me a little bit about the background of Mohindra. I could look up and see that it was incorporated in 1995 but that is all I know of the company background. Please, fill us in on the history of Mohindra. Deepak: Mohindra Fasteners Ltd ... [Read More]

Fastenerblog.net10 Minutes with Fanty Fan, China Fastener Magazine –

TS: On LinkedIn and other platforms I saw that will be holding an online Fastener Show in August, 2020. I have never participated in an online show and I am not sure there has been one in the fastener industry. Tell me how the show ... [Read More]

10 Minutes with Javier Gomez of Fuerza Industrial –

We all have our ways of coping during difficult times. During the COVID-19 shutdown, I found myself turning off the news stations when I was in the car. After watching news at home, and reading about it online and I just found myself wanting to tune ... [Read More]

2020 Fastener Innovation Awards –

Mike McGuire, President of Worldwide Fastener is pleased to announce the 2020 Class of Fastener Innovation Award winners. The awards are presented annually to recognize those individuals and companies where their specific fasteners are ... [Read More]

How are things in Asia? Europe? –

I really do not have a good way to ask someone in Asia or Europe how things are going in their fastener workplaces.(...) via Fastenerblog.netHow are things in Asia? Europe? - [Read More]

Fastenerblog.net10 Minutes with Jason Wagner and Ilian Dimitrov of The Richard Manno Co. –

This was my first attempt at a two person interview and I couldn’t think of a better team to do it with. Jason Wagner and Ilian Dimitrov are respectively the Executive VP and General Manager of The Richard Manno Co. While The Richard Manno Co. has ... [Read More]

10 Minutes with Tim O’Keeffe –

TS: Every time I turn around I run into the name Tim O’Keeffe. Paging through the most recent LINK magazine I saw an article on the “Fastener Advisory Board” that was written by you, then just a few pages later I read where G.L. Huyett is now ... [Read More]

10 Minutes with Allan Weitzman –

TS: OK, first thing first…where did the name Jay-Cee come from? AW: The name Jay-Cee Sales came from my great grandfather Jack Clinton. TS: Tell us more about the company history. AW: Jay-Cee Sales was started in 1948 by Jack Clinton in ... [Read More]

Interesting Observations on Electric Cars –

I recently stumbled on an article that I am re-posting below. I was casually reading this article, found it interesting, and then right near the end, the author mentioned Rock Valley College which is the college that offers classes on cold heading. ... [Read More]

10 Minutes with Larry Kelly –

TS: A lot of people might not know this but I have a long background with Buckeye Fasteners, Ohio Nut & Bolt and Modern Fasteners. Actually, not so much Buckeye but the other two companies. Before my father became a manufacturers rep he was a ... [Read More]