Fastenerblog | 10 Minutes with Andy Cohn, Duncan Bolt

TS: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. I have been wanting to talk with you for a long time and now is an especially good time because you have some exciting news going on with you and Duncan Bolt. But, before we get into ... [Read More]
2021/01/12 | 10 Minutes with Bob Baer, Abbott Interfast

TS: You are an accountant by trade. How the heck did you get yourself so deep into the fastener industry in what seems like a short amount of time? You have served as president of MWFA and been on the FIC board for years. How did all this happen to ... [Read More]
2021/01/04 | Twenty Five 10 Minute Interviews, and counting

I did the first “10 Minute Interview” in January of 2019. Since then, there have been 25 of them and I’m including a list of them below. I want to thank each of the people who took the time and effort to make those happen. I enjoy doing them ... [Read More]
2020/12/29 | 10 Minutes with Rudor (Dori) Teich, President, Asphalt Anchors Corp.

TS: Asphalt Anchors? There definitely is a need for them and it’s kind of funny that there haven’t already been products to deal with anchoring in asphalt. How did you get involved with anchoring in asphalt? There must be a story here.(...) via ... [Read More]
2020/12/18 | IFE Meet & Greet – Trivia Quiz

At the end of the IFE Meet & Greet, we co-hosted a Virtual Fastener Bash & Trivia Contest with Cris Young of Fastener News Desk. Celebrity guest, Carmen Vertulo, asked the questions and prizes were donated by myself, Fastener News Desk, Volt ... [Read More]
2020/11/16 | 10 Minutes with Rob Lehmann, Fair Wind Fasteners

TS: It is pretty unusual these days to have a new fastener company opening up. On the contrary, we seem to see more consolidation and companies disappearing. So, it is kind of inspiring to see you jump in to this new endeavor. Why did you start up ... [Read More]
2020/10/15 | 10 Minutes with Charlie Kerr, Kerr Lakeside Industries

TS: I’m from your area and have known of your company my entire career. But for those people new to the industry or maybe from another geographic area, give me a quick company background.(...) via [Read More]
2020/09/22 | 10 Minutes with Peggy Hsieh, Brighton Best International (BBI)

TS: You have been interviewed before so I’d like to try to ask you some questions that you have not already been asked. Maybe some question that I would find interesting. The success of BBI is unquestioned and your company’s growth is impressi... [Read More]
2020/09/11 | 10 Minutes with Rich Cavoto, Metric & Multistandard

TS: For such a youthful guy it is incredible that you have been with the same fastener company, Metric & Multistandard, for 42 years (give or take). That is almost unheard of, especially today. So, let’s talk a bit about how you got started ... [Read More]
2020/09/01 | 10 Minutes with Morgan Wilson, Show Manager of the International Fastener Expo

TS: It has to have been a tough few months for IFE and you in particular as you had to postpone the Fastener Show for 2020. I know you came under some pressure to cancel this year’s show but I’m guessing it is not so simple to just pull that ... [Read More]