Fastenerblog | 10 Minutes with Rob Lehmann, Fair Wind Fasteners

TS: It is pretty unusual these days to have a new fastener company opening up. On the contrary, we seem to see more consolidation and companies disappearing. So, it is kind of inspiring to see you jump in to this new endeavor. Why did you start up ... [Read More]
2020/10/15 | 10 Minutes with Charlie Kerr, Kerr Lakeside Industries

TS: I’m from your area and have known of your company my entire career. But for those people new to the industry or maybe from another geographic area, give me a quick company background.(...) via [Read More]
2020/09/22 | 10 Minutes with Peggy Hsieh, Brighton Best International (BBI)

TS: You have been interviewed before so I’d like to try to ask you some questions that you have not already been asked. Maybe some question that I would find interesting. The success of BBI is unquestioned and your company’s growth is impressi... [Read More]
2020/09/11 | 10 Minutes with Rich Cavoto, Metric & Multistandard

TS: For such a youthful guy it is incredible that you have been with the same fastener company, Metric & Multistandard, for 42 years (give or take). That is almost unheard of, especially today. So, let’s talk a bit about how you got started ... [Read More]
2020/09/01 | 10 Minutes with Morgan Wilson, Show Manager of the International Fastener Expo

TS: It has to have been a tough few months for IFE and you in particular as you had to postpone the Fastener Show for 2020. I know you came under some pressure to cancel this year’s show but I’m guessing it is not so simple to just pull that ... [Read More]
2020/08/20 – Get Ready for Virtual Fastener Shows

Below is a “Buyer’s Guide to the China Fastener Show (Online)” that was sent to me by the show management. I am sharing here for a few reasons. First, if you are interested in checking out a Virtual Trade Show and have not participated in one ... [Read More]
2020/08/17 | 10 Minutes with Phil Matten – talking European Fastener Market

Phil Matten is an interesting guy. I met Phil at the Vegas Show here in the U.S. but really Phil is an expert on the European Fastener Industry.(...) via [Read More]

10 Minutes with Deepak Arneja, Mohindra Fasteners Ltd –

TS: Tell me a little bit about the background of Mohindra. I could look up and see that it was incorporated in 1995 but that is all I know of the company background. Please, fill us in on the history of Mohindra. Deepak: Mohindra Fasteners Ltd ... [Read More]

Fastenerblog.net10 Minutes with Fanty Fan, China Fastener Magazine –

TS: On LinkedIn and other platforms I saw that will be holding an online Fastener Show in August, 2020. I have never participated in an online show and I am not sure there has been one in the fastener industry. Tell me how the show ... [Read More]

10 Minutes with Javier Gomez of Fuerza Industrial –

We all have our ways of coping during difficult times. During the COVID-19 shutdown, I found myself turning off the news stations when I was in the car. After watching news at home, and reading about it online and I just found myself wanting to tune ... [Read More]