10 Minutes with Brian Musker | FastenerBlog [Read More]

10 Minutes with John Radel –

So, where did Solution Industries come from? Over the years, I had worked in distribution for a couple different companies and then set up my own shop. I was running a small job shop doing work for local distributors and kind of doing some of the ... [Read More]

10 Minutes with Mike McGuire –

Mike McGuire’s career in the fastener industry spans more than 50 years. Mike has worked in fastener distribution, he has been an independent fastener rep, he has runs trade shows and magazines. Candidly, Mike needs no further introduction. Here ... [Read More]

Heading to the 2018 Finish Line –

So my Fastener Pal, John Butler, called me out and asked it I was going to post a year end review. I was kind of content sitting still and watching from afar and trying to make heads or tails of this year but since John pushed me in this direction, ... [Read More]

Fastenerblog.netFastener Association Holiday Parties –

First off, if you read this blog at home and not only when you are at work, Happy Thanksgiving to you. I guess that is if you reside in the U.S. For those of you not in the U.S., check in once in a while! Let me know what’s going on in your corner ... [Read More]

How was your Vegas Show? | Fastener Blog

I usually get back from the International Fastener Expo (Vegas Show) and jump right in to offer my thoughts.  Not sure why but I’m struggling to sit down and do that.  I think I’m still sorting it out. Any of you have any thoughts or comments ... [Read More]

Fastenerblog.netTrade Shows & Networking –

John Wolz and the team from Fastener Industry News posted results of a survey in the August 27, 2018 edition of FIN. The topic was fastener trade shows and the the headline read “What Exhibitors Want”. A lot of the responses were what you would ... [Read More]

McGuire Launches New Sourcing Website – Comprehensive Fastener Site –

Trying to source a hard to find fastener? Looking for a specific “brand name” or trademarked fastener? Trying to break into new markets and attract new customers? Mike McGuire wants to help. Yes, that Mike McGuire. The guy who started the ... [Read More]

Fastenerblog.netJuly sales still seems strong –

I posted a note on Twitter last week asking people if July sales were still as strong as they seem to have been through the beginning of the year. Every answer except ONE said that business was strong.(...) via Fastenerblog.netJuly sales still ... [Read More]

Fastener Hall of Fame nominations –

There is still time to nominate candidates for the Fastener Hall of Fame, but it’s getting close to the deadline. Each of the last few years, Emerald Expositions has inducted one individual into the Hall of Fame that was founded many years ago by ... [Read More]