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Why the ideal time to select fasteners is at the design stage of an application | Fastener Engineering

Fasteners can easily be overlooked in the design process. However, evaluating these components and their application during the conceptual and R&D stages can make a profound impact in your project’s long-term success.(...) via Why the ideal ... [Read More]

Mechanical testing of threaded fasteners | Fastener + Fixing Technology

First and foremost among fasteners are nuts and bolts in all their many variations. Yet screws, rivets, and hooks and eyes, are also used to join components and metal sheets and sections, which must not separate under load. Tensile tests are a ... [Read More]

Producing more threads per tool | Fastener + Fixing Technology

The synchronisation of a machine – the rotation of the spindle interacting with the feed – is one of the most important reasons for tool wear when producing threads. Walter AG says its AB735 synchronous threading adaptor is a flexible solution ... [Read More]

Fire and Ice: Threadlockers Secure Bolted Joints on Racing Snowmobiles | ASSEMBLY

Every winter, Snocross fans flock to Michigan, Wisconsin and other snowy states to watch snowmobiler racers battle the elements and the laws of gravity to perform amazing feats—including long distance jumps and double back flips. What the fans ... [Read More]

Extra Large Wrenches for Extra Large Jobs – Fastener World Inc.

Companies in heavy machinery industries often face the dilemma: how do you increase productivity without sacrificing safety?(...) via Extra Large Wrenches for Extra Large Jobs-Fastener World. [Read More]

Fixing the mobility future | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Catastrophe theory is a branch of mathematics that looks at sudden and often unexpected change – such events are usually both good and bad. They can be anything from a bent ruler suddenly flexing the other way to the spread of a new virus – and ... [Read More]

Socketry for electric and hybrid vehicles | Fastener + Fixing Technology

With electric and hybrid vehicles increasing in popularity, it’s important to have the proper insulated, VDE approved tools to safely carry out the work required.(...) via Socketry for electric and hybrid vehicles | Fastener + Fixing Technology. [Read More]

How does heat affect lap shear strength in adhesives? | Fastener Engineering

Lap shear strength is the standard way of measuring the strength of an adhesive joint and is the joint’s ability to resist in-plane forces. The maximum shear stress that an adhesive can support, the lap shear strength, is the force per unit ... [Read More]

Media Spotlight: “‘Overwhelmed and Terrified’: Las Vegas’ Reopening Backfires Terribly” | Global Fastener News

“Not only are we overwhelmed and terrified, but based on the numbers for the rest of the country, it’s only going to get worse for us.”(...) via Media Spotlight: “‘Overwhelmed and Terrified’: Las Vegas’ Reopening Backfires Terribly” ... [Read More]

Dispensing – what is meant by accuracy and repeatability? | Fastener + Fixing Technology

What exactly is meant by ‘accurate’, ‘precise’ and ‘repeatable’? Here Rachel Chancellor, marketing manager at adhesives specialist Intertronics, explains what dispensing accuracy and repeatability means for manufacturers.(...) via ... [Read More]