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Cris Young on “The Digitally Driven Distributor”- Fastener World Inc.

Industrial eCommerce Specialist Cris’ talk centered on distributor digital transformation.(...) via Cris Young on “The Digitally Driven Distributor”-Fastener World. [Read More]

Master your maintenance using load indicating fasteners – BIC Magazine

Heat exchangers are critical to the operation of refining, chemical and power gen facilities, and leakage is the enemy of any heat exchanger. Breakdowns, often the result of thermal expansion, can be extremely costly and also have the potential to ... [Read More]

How to reduce galling in stainless steel fastener applications | Fastener Engineering

Screws threaded into blind tapped holes are commonly affected by galling and components made of stainless steel are especially susceptible. Stainless steel fasteners are widely used in corrosive environments for their superb corrosion-resistance but ... [Read More]

Kelly: COVID-19 Effects To Continue “Well Into Next Year” | Global Fastener News

The effects of Covid-19 will continue “well into next year,” Larry Kelly of Buckeye Fasteners expects.(...) via Kelly: COVID-19 Effects To Continue “Well Into Next Year” | Global Fastener News. [Read More]

Identifying and eliminating defective wire before it’s formed | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

In industries using wire of various alloys for forming and forging operations, there has long been a need for fewer or even zero defect production, as well as the requirement to reduce tool wear and damage, which is directly affected by the material ... [Read More]

How to prevent nut and bolt self-loosening | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Maintenance manuals will tell you to tighten threaded bolts, screws and nuts regularly. Failure to do so will not only compromise the performance of your mechanical equipment but could also pose a significant safety risk.(...) via How to prevent ... [Read More]

What is short bolting? | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Short bolting is a term frequently used to describe the situation when a bolt is installed and the thread does not fully protrude through the nut. In order that the full strength of the nut is to be realised, it is vital that the bolt thread ... [Read More]

3D printing – a life without fasteners? | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Clearly, living as we do only a few decades into the Digital Age, the rapid transition from electronic calculator through computer to smartphone has rendered the statement ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ an absurdity. It is not necessary to ... [Read More]

The coming of age of anchor design | Fastener + Fixing Technology

The launch of EN1992-4:2018 was a historical moment in the design of post-installed anchors. For the first time in the long history of anchor design, the design provisions are published in an official European standard and not in guidelines or ... [Read More]

Fasteners and nature conservation | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

The impacts of pollution, greenhouse effects and global warming have already started to be felt by all on our planet. The climate crisis is a reality.(...) via Fasteners and nature conservation | Fastener + Fixing Magazine. [Read More]