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NFDA Announces Upcoming Educational Events | American Fastener Journal

“Put A Little Zip in Your Zoom,” techniquesto up your videoconferencing presence, will be offered September 17, 2020, from 2-3 p.m. ET.(...) via NFDAevents090420 - NFDAevents090420.pdf. [Read More]

Pac-West Panelists on USMCA Replacing NAFTA | Global Fastener News

One of the most significant impacts on fastener distributors involves a delayed clause in the act, according to a Pac-West panel.(...) via Pac-West Panelists on USMCA Replacing NAFTA | Global Fastener News. [Read More]

BHETA survey claims lockdown sales were ‘better than expected’ | Torque-Expo

The British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA)’s latest survey shows that 83% of members report sales during lockdown as being ‘better than expected’, while 63% say they were ‘much better’.(...) via BHETA survey claims lockdown ... [Read More]

SEFA, SFA & Pac-West 2020 Joint Conference Postponed to 2021 | Global Fastener News

The Pacific-West Fastener Association, Southeastern Fastener Association and Southwestern Fastener Association were to meet in San Antonio.(...) via SEFA, SFA & Pac-West 2020 Joint Conference Postponed to 2021 | Global Fastener News. [Read More]

NFDA – National Fastener Distributors Association | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

NFDA is a non-profit trade association serving the North American fastener industry. Here Doug Ruggles (Martin Supply), who is 2019/20 NFDA president, and Adam Derry (Field), who is 2020/21 NFDA president, discuss how Covid-19 has impacted the North ... [Read More]

UDIB – Unione Distributori Italiani Bulloneria | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Founded in 1976 by a small group of fastener specialists, UDIB is the sole Italian union of fastener distributors and accounts for more than 40 associated companies – specialised in the distribution of fasteners.(...) via UDIB – Unione Distri... [Read More]

PRISMEFIX – Association des Distributeurs Français Spécialistes en Eléments de Fixations | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

PRISMEFIX was founded in 1987 in Lyon, by several French family-owned companies as a ‘club’ named PRISME. A few years later it became an association so that it could integrate other companies – especially foreign owned companies.(...) via ... [Read More]

BIAFD – the British & Irish Association of Fastener Distributors | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

The British & Irish Association of Fastener Distributors has existed under various guises since the early 1940s, sometimes successful, occasionally in peril of dissolution. Today, BIAFD robustly represents the UK and Irish fastener distribution ... [Read More]

NEVIB – Nederlandse Vereniging van Importeurs van Bevestigingsmaterialen en Aanverwante Industriële Producten | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

NEVIB was created in 2013 due to the major impact EU anti-dumping measures were having on the Dutch industry. NEVIB members were suffering from heavy duties that were imposed overnight and the members felt that the viewpoint of importers was not ... [Read More]

STAFDA cancels in response to California’s Covid shutdown | Torque-Expo

The Specialty Tool and Fastener Distributors Association (STAFDA) has cancelled its 44th annual convention and trade show after the State of California shutdown on Monday 13 July.(...) via STAFDA cancels in response to California's Covid shutdown. [Read More]