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TIFI: Taiwan Fastener Industry In ‘Decline’ Since 2018 | Global Fastener News

The industry “may not (see) good conditions” until the second quarter of 2020, according to Taiwan Industrial Fasteners Institute (TIFI) chairman Tu-Chin Tsai.(...) via TIFI: Taiwan Fastener Industry In ‘Decline’ Since 2018 | Global ... [Read More]

Trade Truce With China Defers Fastener Tariff Hikes | Global Fastener News

The duties, originally set to increase October 1 to 30% from 25% on the goods, including bolts, screws and other fasteners manufactured in China, had been delayed two weeks “as a gesture of goodwill.”(...) via Trade Truce With China Defers ... [Read More]

Fastenal Q3 Earnings Beat (NASDAQ: FAST) – 24/7 Wall St.

When Fastenal Co. (NASDAQ: FAST) reported its third-quarter financial results before the markets opened on Friday, the industrial supplier said that it had $0.37 in earnings per share (EPS) and $1.38 billion in revenue. The consensus estimates had ... [Read More]

Edman: 3D Printing Becoming ‘Handful of Dollars, Overnight and In-House’ | Global Fastener News

Fastener prototypes, testing, shape and tightening tolerances are among current uses, Edman told told a 2019 International Fastener Expo conference.(...) via [Read More]

Manufacturing Day: Sustainability & Government Support Important to Majority of U.S. Residents | Global Fastener News

A strong majority of U.S. residents support sustainability and government assistance in manufacturing, while 48% think increasing tariffs on imported foreign goods and services is too disruptive for the U.S. economy.(...) via Manufacturing Day: ... [Read More]

Large Demand for Wheel Screws in China at a RMB1.5 Billion Market Scale | Fastener World Inc.

According to statistics, the fastener market scale in China is to reach RMB 138 billion for the whole 2019, in which the automotive fasteners will share around 23% and wheel screws will reach a total market value of RMB1.5 billion.(...) via Large ... [Read More]

Taiwan’s Fastener Export in H1 2019 Declines in Volume | Chinafastenerinfo

In the first half of 2019, Taiwan exported 8.03 million tons of fasteners to the world, down 3.18% from the same period last year.(...) via Taiwan’s Fastener Export in H1 2019 Declines in Volume. [Read More]

EU-Vietnam FTA May Accelerate Foreign Enterprise’ Moving Out of China | Fastener World Inc.

The EU signed a free trade agreement (FTA) with Vietnam on June 30th. According to the Agreement, 99% of goods traded between the EU and Vietnam will be tariff-free when it comes into effect after the regulatory approval procedures are completed in ... [Read More]

China’s Fastener Export Drops in H1 2019 | Fastener World Inc.

China’s fastener export in the first half of 2019 reached 2,094,346 tons, down 2.4% from the same period last year and the average export price per KG was US$ 1.91, up 2.34% from the same period last year.(...) via China’s Fastener Export Drops ... [Read More]

Tariffs Achieve Mixed Results For U.S. Fastener Industry | Global Fastener News

Numerous domestic fastener manufacturers are promoting their U.S. operations in advertising, but there are varying responses to whether or how much the tariffs are boosting domestic sales.(...) via Tariffs Achieve Mixed Results For U.S. Fastener ... [Read More]