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EU Imposes Quotas for Carbon Steel and Stainless Wire Rod | Global Fastener News

“The imposition of 232 steel tariffs (by the U.S.) further increased the potential for import growth as the result of product previously destined for the U.S. market being diverted to the EU market,” writes Fastener + Fixing Magazine executive ... [Read More]

EU Panelists: Wire Rod Prices Up Worldwide | Global Fastener News

European wire rod costs rose by around EUR 100/ton in the first quarter 2018, following a similar level of increase in 2017.(...) via EU Panelists: Wire Rod Prices Up Worldwide | Global Fastener News [Read More]

Trump Metals Tariffs Hit Allies | Global Fastener News

“Raw material prices and lead times were already increasing (25% – 40%),” the Industrial Fasteners Institute’s Washington representative Jennifer Baker Reid told “This will make matters worse.”(...) via Trump ... [Read More]

Vormaterial / Raw Material Mai / May 2018- Deutscher Schraubenverband e. V.

Download: Mai / May 2018 via Vormaterial / Raw Material - Deutscher Schraubenverband e. V.. [Read More]

Fastener World Inc. | Taiwan CSC Announces Results of Domestic Steel Price Adjustments Meeting for Q3 2018

On May 25th, Taiwanese largest steel supplier, CSC, held a meeting to discuss the domestic steel price adjustment for the 3rd quarter of 2018. The meeting concluded with the following results.(...) via Fastener World Inc. (Fastener Magazine) - ... [Read More]

FDI Stalls For Second Straight Month | Global Fastener News

Commentary on market conditions was mixed, with some respondents commenting on the current strong demand environment and others expressing concerns around the recently announced steel tariffs.(...) via FDI Stalls For Second Straight Month | ... [Read More]

CSC to hike prices for Q2 deliveries as global steel supplies remain tight | Chinafastener .info

Taiwan’s largest steelmaker, said it would raise domestic product prices by an average of 4.2 percent for deliveries in the second quarter to reflect an uptrend in global steel prices. The 4.2 percent increase marks the third consecutive price ... [Read More]

Will fasteners be hit by new steel tariff? US fastener industry responds | Torque Expo

Last week, President Trump signed an order to impose 25% tariffs on steel and aluminium entering the country, with exemptions for Mexico and Canada.(...) via Will fasteners be hit by new steel tariff? US fastener industry responds. [Read More]

Taiwan CSC Announces Domestic Steel Products Prices for Q2 2018 | Fastener World Inc.

Taiwan CSC held a domestic steel products pricing meeting for Q2 2018 on Feb. 27th and announced the newly adjusted prices as shown below, after taking into consideration the continuous growth potential of the global market, increasing demand for ... [Read More]

Taiwan CSC Increases Domestic Quote for Steel Products in Q4 2017 | Fastener World Inc.

On August 25th 2017, Taiwan CSC held the domestic quote meeting for steel products in Q4 this year. Considering the possible fast growth of the future global economy, the price increase announcements of many major steel plants in Europe/USA/Asia, Q4 ... [Read More]