Products and Services

Products and Services

Huck® vibration resistant fasteners for agricultural equipment manufacturing | Fastener + Fixing Technology

High strength, fast and easy installation, along with unmatched vibration resistance, are what make Huck® fasteners the smart choice for tough agricultural fastening applications.(...) via Huck® vibration resistant fasteners for agricultural ... [Read More]

Multifunction frame fixings guide | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Multifunction frame plugs, also known as frame fixings, have a wide range of applications in concrete, perforated and solid bricks, as well as aerated concrete. Because of this, it is often difficult to know and choose the right type of fixing, ... [Read More]

Accurate load inspection for all fasteners | Fastener + Fixing Technology

US-based Load Control Technologies is a leader within the fastener load measurement sector, with its next generation of ultrasonic fastener technology, the i-Bolt®, providing accurate load inspection for all fasteners. Here Mason MacDonald, ... [Read More]

Alternatives for bonding strong bimetal joints | Fastener Engineering

Bimetal fittings, joints, and couplings of all types are used in a wide variety of industries including vacuum, cryogenic, semiconductor, aerospace, nuclear, oil and gas, and medical markets to enable product developers an easier transition — ... [Read More]

Passion and efficiency | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

With advanced equipment, skilled technicians, a strict quality management system, and a commitment to customer focus, Durabltec is a manufacturer that has a passion for quality products and efficient processes.(...) via Passion and efficiency | ... [Read More]

Retaining rings cure fastener concerns in medical application | FAST

The Rotor Clip E Retaining Ring was the fastener of choice for a peristaltic pump.(...) via Retaining rings cure fastener concerns in medical application. [Read More]

Hilti launches digital training platform for contractors | Fastener Engineering

Hilti North America, a global provider of innovative tools, technology, software, and services to the commercial construction industry has launched Hilti Academy, a comprehensive on-demand training platform for contractors.(...) via Hilti launches ... [Read More]

Cordless freedom for blind rivet nut applications | Fastener + Fixing Technology

STANLEY Engineered Fastening has introduced the NB08PT-18, which it states can meet the high demands for a cordless blind rivet nut tool that delivers rapid, high volume placement capabilities, from a mobile package, whilst eradicating the constra... [Read More]

Measuring wind turbine bolt tension | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Wind turbines typically contain more than 6,000 bolts. The inspection of the larger critical bolts is required at regular intervals – these inspections are time consuming and therefore expensive, and often the results obtained can vary, depending ... [Read More]

ZAGO’s sustainable sealing screws used in Sollum Smart LED lighting | Fastener Engineering

ZAGO Manufacturing Co. has announced that it is providing ZAGO sustainable sealing screws for Sollum Technologies‘ Sollum Smart LED Lighting Solution. This is currently the only technology on the market that recreates, perfects, and modulates the ... [Read More]