Products and Services

Products and Services

Leuchtende Risse könnten Schäden in Kleb-Verbindungen zeigen | Konstruktions Praxis

Forscher der Universität Kassel entwickeln ein Verfahren, um Schäden in industriellen Kleb-Verbindungen schnell aufzuzeigen. Mittels winzigen Farbkapseln, die bei Beschädigung Leuchtmittel abgeben, sollen Risse erkennbar werden.(...) via ... [Read More]

TECNOLOGIC 3® aims for continuous improvement | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

For TECNOLOGIC 3® the method and application process it uses – to apply its innovative systems for the locking of threaded parts – have not only been an important distinguishing element compared to competitors but also a critical factor in its ... [Read More]

The right screwdriver guarantees top quality | Fastener + Fixing Technology

In the world of technology, screw assembly is the procedure most frequently used to join components. Every manufacturer fears errors in assembly. If there is a need for product recall due to faulty screw connections, the economic impact is conside... [Read More]

Smart Engineering: The Cure for Almost All Fastener Failures | Machine Design

Every engineered part, assembly, or machine has a finite service life. Even components boasting the most precise designs executed with proven manufacturing techniques eventually fail. Fasteners are no different. As any engineer will tell you, it’s ... [Read More]

Enhancing electronics handling equipment | Fastener + Fixing Technology

ESD grip knobs, bridge handles and levelling feet from Elesa prevent build-up of dangerous static charge and protect delicate electronic devices in the course of production or assembly processes. In addition, they provide a comfortable means of ... [Read More]

The thread that binds | The Fabricator

The FABRICATOR SEPTEMBER 2018 By Ron Dise Thread-binding issues sometimes may arise when assembling with self-clinching fas-teners made from stainless steel. One such issue is galling, which is the seizing or abrading of threads caused by ... [Read More]

Threadlockers: What You Need To Know | Brake & Front End

You might be seeing more blue, red and various other colors on the threads of bolts when working on suspension and brake components. OEMs put these threadlocking compounds there for a reason, and not servicing them could get you into trouble. To get ... [Read More]

Fastener manufacturers improve ‘drivability’ with unique coatings | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Speciality coatings can provide fastener manufacturers with new products and a competitive edge. Since cordless tool battery life is a serious concern for pros and DIYers, a growing number of fastener manufacturers are addressing the issue with ... [Read More]

Button-fix sets sights on future growth | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Since its launch in 2012, Button-fix has built up a phenomenal following evidenced by year-on-year sales growth, culminating in a 55% jump in sales for 2017. The company has also extended its national and international distribution network, with ... [Read More]

Wave springs: A great alternative to disc springs | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Disc springs, also known as Belleville washers, along with die-stamped wave washers, are commonly used in high load engineering applications such as clutches and valves. However there are some major problems involved in their manufacture that makes ... [Read More]