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Products and Services

A guide to sealing fasteners | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Fasteners such as screws, bolts, nuts, and rivets provide connections for critical components and disparate substrates across industries. Sealing fasteners go a step further by tightly sealing against the substrate, making them particularly useful ... [Read More]

BUMAX® – optimal fastening solutions | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

BUMAX® is known for its ability to provide a variety of different stainless steel grades for optimal fastening solutions – with the company stating it produces the strongest bolts in the world. Here we speak to Lars Holm, managing director at ... [Read More]

New KSP12-R double blow header | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

SACMA Group is well known for the designing and manufacturing of combined headers for producing fasteners from M4 to M24. The Group has now introduced the KSP12-R combined header model to produce fasteners from M3 to M8 with a maximum shaft length ... [Read More]

New telecentric measurement system | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Keyence has introduced a new range of in-line telecentric measurement systems - TM-X5000 -which employs highly advanced silhouette-based analysis for guaranteed accuracy, designed specifically to measure parts rapidly and consistently as they pass ... [Read More]

Sheet metal fastening, no nuts required | The Fabricator

2021’s supply chain challenges have led to some absurd realities, proving that even the smallest ripple can grow into waves of disruption. According to one representative at a major contract metal fabricator based in the upper Midwest, the company ... [Read More]

WDS Components launches ‘Stock Guaranteed’ programme for standard parts and components | FAST

As COVID and Brexit hit UK imports - standard parts and components included - OEMs have been forced to respond. Component delays have impacted time to market and availability of existing OEM-designed products, requiring alternate supply channels or ... [Read More]

CosmoLock (Japan) Rolls out Taper Locknut 2 – Fastener World Inc.

CosmoLock has developed "Taper Locknut 2" with improved anti-loosening performance.(...) via CosmoLock (Japan) Rolls out Taper Locknut 2-Fastener World. [Read More]

The nuts and bolts of confident bonding | Fastener + Fixing Technology

UK-based Bondloc manufactures industrial adhesives and sealants with over 2,000 adhesive formulations in its portfolio But why is anaerobic chemistry still such an integral part of engineering and maintenance today?(...) via The nuts and bolts of ... [Read More]

Ellis focuses on non-metallic market with Solus launch | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Ellis Patents has boosted the strength of its product offering with the launch of Solus – a range of non-metallic single cable clamps suitable for cables from diameters 25mm to 75mm.(...) via Ellis focuses on non-metallic market with Solus launch ... [Read More]

New Product Added. Bi-Mirth Successfully Developed the “Turbo Drill Screw”- Fastener World Inc.

Successfully tapping into the high-end supply chains in Europe and the U.S. with quick drilling screws, drilling screws, self-tapping screws, and wood screws, Bi-Mirth Corp. has dedicated itself for years to the OEM production and R&D of various ... [Read More]