Week 2010-49

Taiwan's China Steel Increasing Domestic Wire Rod Production | Global Fastener News – USA

Wire rod prices up just 0.2% for December. Saturday, December 04, 2010 via News Briefs - Global Fastener News - USA. [Read More]

AFJ FASTENER QUIZ | American Fastener Journal

Posted Date: 12/4/2010 QUESTIONS: #1 Name two head styles of machine screws that are countersunk. #2 T or F A tapping screw (sheet metal screw) is usually fully threaded, while a wood screw has a portion of the shank unthreaded? #3 10L, 8S, 14L ... [Read More]

2010-12-02 Search Engine on TARIC Code | Fastener World

2010/12/02 The Taxation and Customs Union of the EU has a search engine for TARIC Codes, which users can search by code or area. By entering a certain code, it will show a detailed explanation of the corresponding product name.... source : Fasten... [Read More]