Screwdriving and feeding technology from a single source | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Production downtime, assembly errors, product recalls – Who is not eager to avoid these horror scenarios for industrial series production? Contamination, defect parts or faulty screw joints are all examples of small issues creating major problems. ... [Read More]

Preventing Seams and Head Bursts in Threaded Metal Fasteners | MachineDesign

Split heads and head bursts on threaded metal fasteners are classified as “surface discontinuities.” As such, they fall under the jurisdiction of quality standards such as ASTM F788/788M and SAE J1061. These and similar standards use the same ... [Read More]

ATLAS® SpinTite® Blind Threaded Inserts Provide Permanent Threads in Thin Sheet Applications with Only One-Sided Access – Penn Engineering

ATLAS® SpinTite® blind threaded inserts from PennEngineering® provide strong, permanent, and reusable threads in thin sheet materials where only one side is accessible for hardware installation. Installation is performed from the accessible ... [Read More]

Dimac goes on the road | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

For its 30th anniversary celebrations Dimac Srl attended three shows, in Turkey, the USA, and Germany, to underline its capabilities and innovative solutions for the inspection and sorting of fasteners and special parts.(...) via Dimac goes on the ... [Read More]

CPI’s new Clik-Nut™ eliminates installation challenges | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Chatsworth Products Inc CPI states that its new Clik-Nut™ Hardware Kit addresses the fundamental challenges of installing and removing traditional cage nuts. With the patent-pending, squeeze and release design eliminating the need for tools, the ... [Read More]

PEM® TSO4™ Self-Clinching Threaded Standoff Fasteners Securely Stack or Space Components in Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Assemblies – Penn Engineering

PEM® TSO4™self-clinching threaded standoffs from PennEngineering® offer reliable fastener solutions to securely stack or space components in ultra-thin stainless steel assemblies. These hardened stainless steel fasteners clinch into stainless ... [Read More]

TR Fastenings supports growing EV sector | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Global fastenings manufacturer and distributor, TR Fastenings, is working with a number of firms involved in the design, manufacture and development of Electric Vehicles EVs with the main focus on the associated charging units. Along with the ... [Read More]

The day-to-day challenges of an integrated fastener expert | Fastener + Fixing Technology

In engineering a lot of focus is centred on complex systems and assemblies. Every manufacturer has a signature approach, or systems that help to define a brand. However, from a logistics point of view, every component is of equal importance. A ... [Read More]

HECO’s sustainable connections | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

HECO Schrauben GmbH & Co KG is expanding its product range for structural timberwork – to include HECO-WR full-threaded screw and HECO-SC-S winged self-drilling fasteners – thanks to a strategic partnership between the Schramberg-based ... [Read More]

FINdex Declines in Q2 | Global Fastener News

In a quarter pre-occupied by multiple rounds of international tariffs, companies with fastener businesses faced uncertainty in their global supply chains.(...) via FINdex Declines in Q2 | Global Fastener News [Read More]