Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #168 – Another Slice (2:07:33)

Article by · 2021/09/20 ·

Fastener Professional of the Year, family business operator and philanthropist Jim Derry of Field Fastener reflects on what it takes to be successful in business and in life (1:29:32). NCFA Screw Open full coverage, including this year’s winner of the coveted FTR Award, Laura Vath, Dan Duffield, Kim Arnold, Charlie Kerr, Kurt Triptow and many more! (20:36). Star Stainless national sales manager, Bryan Wheeler joins industry newsman Mike McNulty to discuss the latest FDI and shocking outlook reading on the Fastener News Report (56:21). On the Fastener Training Minute, thread guru Carmen Vertullo explains when it’s good to substitute a long socket set screw for a stud, and when it’s not (1:21:37). BONUS: Fastener CFO for hire Pete Carlson explains why it makes sense to review your financials, and where to look for hidden revenue (41:20). Brian and Eric contemplate the drifting sands of time, while assiduously avoiding sand traps and perilous golf situations in general. Run time: 02:07:33(…)

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