2019 Fastener Innovation Award Celebration | Fastener Journal

Article by · 2019/12/06 ·

The United States leads the world in innovation,particularly infasteners and fastening systems. Worldwide Fastener Sources.com wants to recognize the people and companies that are leading the way to specific performance with new fastener development, innovation and design.

Fastener innovation is so strong and ongoing, it is called a “Technology Trend” in the fastener industry. Today, fastener engineers and designers dictate that fasteners are an important part of product design and are now thought of “first” in specifying fastening applications, not an afterthought of how to assemble the product.

Worldwide Fastener Sources.com has developed an evaluation system for new and innovative fasteners introduced to the marketplace,and they want to honor those individuals and companies with the Fastener Innovation Award. A driving force in the evaluation process is that the fasteners be innovative in assemblies today and that they will be tomorrow’s standard.

Our philosophy is continuous improvement with innovative solutions for customers’fastening applications.Introducing the first class of honorees (2019):1 Shot™ Steel Stud Anchor, Bollhoff, Bryce™ Fastener, Grabber® Construction Products, ITW SHAKEPROOF®group, MAThread®, Penn Engineering®, Simpson Strong-Tie® and Stanley® Engineered FasteningACertificate of Recognition was presented to honorees exhibiting at the STAFDA Annual Convention.Others were mailed.

All received a specialworld globe developed by the world’s largest globe manufacturer, Replogle. The Crystal Marquise globe is clearly beautiful as advanced technologies led to the creation of the magnificent high-quality acrylic design. The 12” desk-model globe is easily distinguished by the silver land colors on clear acrylic oceans. This unique globe was chosen because of its very innovative modern design and will provide a clear view of the world in the honoree’s office.