Daniel Rivalin

2010-12-02 Taiwan CSC Jan./Feb. Wire Price: Flat Price for Wire Rod and Downward Adjustment for Other Steel Products

On 11/29, Taiwan CSC has announced the domestic selling price for every steel product in Jan. and Feb. It decided reduce the price of any steel item except for wire rod. The average weighted price per ton is down NT$751 (-3.2%). The price for wire ... [Read More]

Taiwan's China Steel Increasing Domestic Wire Rod Production | Global Fastener News – USA

Wire rod prices up just 0.2% for December. Saturday, December 04, 2010 via News Briefs - Global Fastener News - USA. [Read More]

AFJ FASTENER QUIZ | American Fastener Journal

Posted Date: 12/4/2010 QUESTIONS: #1 Name two head styles of machine screws that are countersunk. #2 T or F A tapping screw (sheet metal screw) is usually fully threaded, while a wood screw has a portion of the shank unthreaded? #3 10L, 8S, 14L ... [Read More]

2010-12-02 Search Engine on TARIC Code | Fastener World

2010/12/02 The Taxation and Customs Union of the EU has a search engine for TARIC Codes, which users can search by code or area. By entering a certain code, it will show a detailed explanation of the corresponding product name.... source : Fasten... [Read More]