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Satisfying the requirements for modern assembly systems | Fastener + Fixing Technology

The year 1908 was one of the most historically significant years both for personal motorised transport and for industrial assembly. With the Model T, the Ford Motor Company launched an automobile on the market which could be manufactured for the ... [Read More]

Sisto Advises Distributors More Prefab in Future | Global Fastener News

Offsite construction is on the rise and Bill Sisto predicted to the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association that contractors will partner with prefab companies.(...) via Sisto Advises Distributors More Prefab in Future | Global ... [Read More]

Techsil attains JOSCAR accreditation | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Techsil Limited has successfully completed the approval procedure for the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR) which enables companies in the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors to identify qualified suppliers.(...) via ... [Read More]

NORMA reports strong organic sales growth | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

NORMA increased Group sales by 7.0% to EUR 817.1 million in the first nine months of 2018. Organic growth was strong at 9.7%. However, its EBITA margin slipped to 16.0%, impacted by raw material inflation and US tariffs.(...) via NORMA reports ... [Read More]

Approved MTH anchors | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

INDEX Fixing Systems desire to fully meet the needs of its customers has led to it improving and expanding its range of approved structural MTH anchors, with the launch of the new MTH-A2 anchor.(...) via Approved MTH anchors | Fastener + Fixing ... [Read More]

Delivering mobile data access | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

The need to quickly access information and utilise important company data ‘on the go’ is becoming increasingly prevalent for companies wanting to keep up with today’s fast paced business environment.(...) via Delivering mobile data access | ... [Read More]

Lawson Products Opens New Bolt Supply House Branch in Vancouver | Fastener World Inc.

Lawson Products, Inc.(NASDAQ:LAWS)a distributor of products and services to the MRO marketplace, announced the opening of a new The Bolt Supply House branch in Vancouver, British Columbia resulting in presence in all four Western Canada provinces.... [Read More]

STANLEY Announces Exclusive Partnership with The Home Depot | Fastener World Inc.

STANLEY announces that The Home Depot will now be the exclusive home improvement retailer for its STANLEY hand tools and storage product portfolio, both in store and online, beginning in 2019.(...) via STANLEY Announces Exclusive Partnership with ... [Read More]

Japanese Nitto Seiko Develops AKROSE Technology Capable of Joining Different Kinds of Metals | Fastener World Inc.

In recent years, the automotive industry in particular has seen increasing demand for weight reduction and higher intensity. Multi-materials are gaining attention for their ability to combine metals of different characteristics and other materials... [Read More]

Mungo – 50 years and counting | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

‘Ever higher’, ‘more creative’ and ‘more sophisticated’ best describe modern construction requests, with demands on building safety and efficiency also continuously increasing. Structures today need to withstand earthquakes and severe ... [Read More]