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Posted Date: 12/13/2010

The American Fastener Journal and their industry leading news release tab FASTENER NEWS NOW have made an exclusive arrangement to present (distribute) the information assembled by Bidlink on military and defense fasteners. Bidlink has over 500 million records of defense industry information including contracts, stock numbers, specifications and company details.

They analyze this information looking for trends and patterns which can be used by their clients to gain a competitive advantage. The defense department purchases over 185,000 different types of fasteners, screws, bolts, nuts, washers and rivets. Frequently, Bidlink will analyze the fastener contracts because they represent such a large number. In particular, with this arrangement the following Federal Supply Class of fasteners (5305, 5306, 5307, 5310 and 5325) will be followed in great detail.

Look for feature articles in the American Fastener Journal and news release items on “America’s Foremost Fastener News Resource” the FASTENER NEWS NOW tab located on the AFJ website

With this argeement with Bidlink the American Fastener Journal continues on their journey of being “The leading source of information for fastener professionals.”

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