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Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #141 – Trade War Drinking Games (122:53)

Is it a national trade policy or a drinking game? The industry speaks out on tariffs during floor interviews from Fastener Fair USA (20:54) and FastenerTech ‘19 (1:27:25) featuring Wayne Wishnew, Jake Davis, GH III, Rob Reynolds, Jackie “Kind of ... [Read More]

Report: Google Glass Helps Assemble Spaceships | Global Fastener News

“If consumers aren’t quite ready to sport eyewear that uses voice commands to browse the internet or hold video conferences, workers on the factory floor are,” writes Thomas Black of Bloomberg News.(...) via Report: Google Glass Helps ... [Read More]

VIDEO: How Do Suspension Components Stay Together? | Brake&Frontend

Andrew Markel covers how suspension component fasteners are secured using mechanical attachment methods like castellated nuts, nyloc nuts and torque-to-yield fasteners. He also discusses chemical solutions like thread locking compounds.(...) via ... [Read More]

Fastener manufacturing and the fourth industrial revolution | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

As fastener consumers under the influence of the ‘Amazon effect’ demand faster and more customised products, fastener manufacturers are racing to adjust to this new generation of customers by building tighter, more efficient supply chains and ... [Read More]

Shoulder Bolts: Why They’re Too Important to Ignore (Part 1) | Plastics Technology

I especially enjoy writing articles on subjects that are important to our industry but are rarely given the attention they deserve. Maybe it’s because these topics are not often, if ever, discussed in schools, training seminars, or SPE functions. ... [Read More]

10 Minutes with Nancy Rich –

TS: You help manage several of the industry Fastener associations. In a couple weeks the Midwest Fastener Association is holding its semi-annual Fastener Tech Show. How are things shaping up for Fastener Tech ‘19? NR: We have a very nice list ... [Read More]

Splits caused by nails and screws | Woodworking Network

Q. When we nail near the end of a piece, or nail or screw in the side edge, we often see a small split created by the fastener. Why is this and what can we do? With MDF, the fastener in an edge seems to create a bump in the surface of the board and ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #140 – Men of Action (148:04)

Description:Like a true life action figure with a sawhorse and a handshake, Tim Jackson explains how he took Action Fasteners from the garage to an acquisition and beyond (1:45:44). The NCFA Distributor Social was a major success with its own brand ... [Read More]


Dear MXA, I want to exchange all the bolts on my 2018 Kawasaki KX450F for titanium replacements, including the axles, tank bolts, seat bolts, fender bolts, bar mounts and subframe bolts. I’m interested in saving as much weight as possible. What ... [Read More]

China Fastener World Magazine June 2019 Issue N°56

China Fastener World Magazine June 2019 Issue N°56 is available online. via China Fastener World Magazine June 2019 Issue N°56 [Read More]