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Read the latest Torque Magazine online | Torque-Expo

The new edition of Torque Magazine is now live and available to download.(...) via Read the latest Torque Magazine online. [Read More]

Fastener industry in Poland | FASTENER EURASIA MAGAZINE

Last year I had a opportunity to introduce Polish fastener market to readers of Fastener EurAsia Magazine. Before main trade event in Central Europe (Fastener Poland -8th to 9th of October in Cracov) it is a good time to show how the market in ... [Read More]

Demanding CoF standards, one coating system | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Successful automotive pioneer Henry Ford knew one thing for sure: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Today, thanks to many innovations and changes, this motto is still key in the automot... [Read More]

IFE – The Vegas Show –

If you are going to the Fastener Show next week there will be a welcome reception at the Daylight Pool at Mandalay Bay on Tuesday evening starting at 6:00 pm.(...) via Fastenerblog.netIFE - The Vegas Show - [Read More]

MSMEs face worst-ever crisis | Tribune India

Though the Union Government refuses to acknowledge the reality, fact remains that fastener and auto parts industry the in micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) sector is facing worst ever crisis with drastic fall in production due to slow down ... [Read More]

MDM Publishes 2019 ‘Top Distributors List’ | Global Fastener News

Modern Distribution Management released its 2019 Top Distributors List – its 10th year of profiling “the size and shape of these markets.”(...) via MDM Publishes 2019 ‘Top Distributors List’ | Global Fastener News [Read More]

The Application of Fastener Technology in Minimising Waste: ARaymond Case Study – The Fastener Expo

Looking to minimise waste in your manufacturing process? The application of fastener technology in minimising waste could be a good place to start... Fasteners may be small, but they are the main component in ensuring objects of all sorts are ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #143 – Hexitivity (158:58)

Time is getting short ahead of the annual International Fastener Expo, in more ways than one, as Bryce Campbell of Bryce Security Fastener explains during a thought provoking conversation touching on screws, T. rex, and the fabric of reality ... [Read More]

Mentorship –

As I was scrolling down through TV stations during my morning attempt at exercise I stopped when I saw David Letterman being interviewed. I always enjoyed his show but rarely stayed up late enough to watch it on any kind of regular basis. The ... [Read More]

Why ultrasonic clamp load measurement? | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Up until June 2018 I worked for a global OEM in vehicle testing, specifically carrying out ultrasonic clamp load measurement in threaded joints in regard to suspension systems and component durability testing, as well as prototype and product build ... [Read More]