Media Blog Audio Video | 10 Minutes with Dan Hill, CEO, Würth Industry North America, Executive Vice President, Würth Group

TS: Okay, I have read a few interviews with you in the past year, so I am taking this as a challenge to take a different approach to talk with you. That said, if I ask you something too crazy, feel free to plead the 5th or skip past the question. At ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #168 – Another Slice (2:07:33)

Fastener Professional of the Year, family business operator and philanthropist Jim Derry of Field Fastener reflects on what it takes to be successful in business and in life (1:29:32). NCFA Screw Open full coverage, including this year's winner of ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Special Report: MWFA 75th and Table Top (42:01)

The Mid-West Fastener Association table top show, 75th anniversary black tie gala, and annual golf tournament were wildly successful. Kicked off by a pair of unofficial but equally energized events, FSTNR Week '21 was received by an enthusiastic ... [Read More]

Fastener Technology International – Aug/Sept Issue

Find the latest issue of Fastener Technology International here. [Read More]

The Nuts and Bolts of Nuts and Bolts | Cycle World

The most common fastener on most motorcycles is the familiar “hex cap screw,” which has a six-sided head. Also often encountered is the Phillips socket-head cap screw, which has a cross-form socket into which a Phillips screwdriver fits (there ... [Read More]
2021/08/17 | 10 Minutes with Matt Boyd, Parker Fasteners

TS: Matthew Boyd, you are the Vice President of Sales for Parker Fasteners. How long have you been with Parker and how did you end up with the company? Matt: Thank you, TS, for the opportunity. I have been with Parker Fasteners for eight years, ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #167 – Pass the Chips (2:17:11)

Fastener industry legend and chip shot artist Mr. Robbie Gilchrist describes current market conditions, the future of the rep business, and how the NFDA found its way (18:28/1:30:25). AIM Testing Labs partner Rob LaPointe explains how hydrogen ... [Read More]

Fastener World Magazine. | Fastener World E-News N°14

Q4 Steel Prices May Climb Due to Insufficient and Tightened Steel Supply(...) via Fastener World Magazine. Buyer,Seller,Supplier Directory. Adverts. [Read More]

Fastener News Report Volume 7, Issue 7 July 19 2021

Würth Group Sees Double-Digit Sales Growth The Würth Group, the global market leader in the sale of fastening and assembly materials, reported sales of €8.4 billion in the first half of 2021, up 20.9% over the same period last year. Adjusted ... [Read More]

Obsessively Hiding Fasteners Is Stupid And It’s Time To Stop | Jalopnik

I’m not sure what it is about humans, but we occasionally get very weird about the visibility of little round things. Nipples, for example. Headphone jacks. That ringworm scar on your thigh. But I think the most baffling little round things we ... [Read More]