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[Made in France] “La productivité française est une des meilleures au monde”, pour le PDG d’ARaymond – L’Usine Nouvelle

Alors que s'ouvre le salon du Made in France, MIF Expo, rencontre avec ARaymond, leader mondial des fixations et d’assemblage, notamment dans le secteur automobile. Née il y a 154 ans, cette ETI emploie un millier de salariés en France, dans ... [Read More]

Agrati, fleuron de l’industrie de l’Avant-Pays Savoyard – YouTube – 8 Mont-Blanc

Suite et fin de notre série de la semaine consacrée à l’Avant-Pays Savoyard. Après un viticulteur et une couturière, place à l’entreprise Agrati spécialisée dans la visserie pour automobiles.(...) via Agrati, fleuron de l'industrie de ... [Read More]

Designfax – Technology for OEM Design Engineers

Fastening technologies and assembly techniques are evolving to meet continued demands for reliability, throughput, and ease of manufacturability. One trend sees designers involving parts manufacturers in early design phases to ensure design for ... [Read More]

Interesting Observations on Electric Cars –

I recently stumbled on an article that I am re-posting below. I was casually reading this article, found it interesting, and then right near the end, the author mentioned Rock Valley College which is the college that offers classes on cold heading. ... [Read More]

Speleologists trust in fischer | Fastener + Fixing Technology

An international team of speleologists is on the right track in Upper Austria - the deepest cave in Europe. Again and again they go into the depths of the Dachstein mountains. Especially here, where the trail leads vertically down and can be ... [Read More]

Torque Mag October 2019: Taiwan fastener tour & power tools galore | Torque-Expo

The October 2019 digital edition of Torque Magazine is now live, packing in plenty of useful info for those operating in the fastener, tool and related industries.(...) via Torque Mag October 2019: Taiwan fastener tour & power tools galore. [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #145 – Screwzapalooza (131:10)

It’s a festival of fastener facts and flummery as the National Fastener Tour rolls into town, headlined by rock star of the fastener industry, Simmi of Stelfast along with Star Stainless president, Mr. Tim Roberto Jr. (1:14:02) On a digital tour ... [Read More]

Fastener Buyers: ‘Digital Natives’ Moving Up | Global Fastener News

“Manufacturers of the future will be looking for distributors with digital buying,” Kleinhandler told a 2019 International Fastener Expo conference. After all, a growing percentage of B2B buyers are “digital natives” – or they grew up on ... [Read More]

10 Minutes with Larry Kelly –

TS: A lot of people might not know this but I have a long background with Buckeye Fasteners, Ohio Nut & Bolt and Modern Fasteners. Actually, not so much Buckeye but the other two companies. Before my father became a manufacturers rep he was a ... [Read More]

Details, details, details… | Fastener + Fixing Technology

By Mark Thurber, CEO, Maelstrom Chemical Technologies LLC “The Devil is in the details,” my father often said to me growing up, and what wise words they were. This phrase marks a cautionary reminder to all of us to look beyond what is ... [Read More]