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Black zinc flake system for the highest demands | Fastener + Fixing Technology

The TL180 specification, which applies to various kinds of fasteners –including metric parts, outlines Volkswagen’s high performance standard for black zinc flake finishes.(...) via Black zinc flake system for the highest demands | Fastener + ... [Read More]

Huck® fasteners rolling out on chassis production lines | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Star Fasteners has recently helped truck and trailer body builders to eliminate the need for any welding in the construction of the subframe of a chassis, thanks to the use of Huck® BobTail® fasteners.(...) via Huck® fasteners rolling out on ... [Read More]

A brief guide to spring design | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Whether selecting a catalogue spring or specifying a custom item; Chris Petts, managing director at Lee Spring, suggests that it is always worth considering the following factors:(...) via A brief guide to spring design | Fastener + Fixing Techno... [Read More]

New optically clear adhesive | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Panacol developed a new optically clear adhesive: Vitralit® 50004. The new adhesive is a one-component UV curable acrylic adhesive with ultra-low viscosity, which is used for bonding displays and laminating optics.(...) via New optically clear ... [Read More]

Not all fasteners are created equal | Fastener + Fixing Technology

By Ryan Crawley, marketing executive at Hafren Fasteners Ltd You have standard fasteners that are of course very useful for fixing things, but they are vulnerable to attack, theft, vandalism and unauthorised tampering. So, when you need to secure ... [Read More]

Getting the best of both worlds | Fastener + Fixing Technology

On the face of it, building the Kienlesberg bridge was a real life ‘mission impossible’. After all, how can you successfully bring together two completely opposing concepts?(...) via Getting the best of both worlds | Fastener + Fixing Technol... [Read More]

Bloodhound back on track | Fastener + Fixing Technology

By Ian Parker, freelancer, Why would anyone want to drive a car at 1,000mph (1,609km/h)? The best answer is probably by President Kennedy, who when asked ‘why would anyone want to go to the Moon?’, said: “We choose ... [Read More]

Lee Spring enables diving safety | Fastener + Fixing Technology

When JFD Ltd – a global marine diving specialist equipment manufacturer - was developing the COBRA saturation diving system to provide a massive step change improvement in safety and performance, the company needed a valve spring supplier with a ... [Read More]

Threaded and helical inserts ex-stock from Challenge Europe Ltd | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Challenge Europe are delighted to carry an ex-stock standard range of metric and imperial threaded inserts for use in the manufacturing and installation industries, in order to provide a robust thread in moulded/fabricated plastic components, where ... [Read More]

Reducing design and costs for manufacturers is key | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Global standard components specialists norelem is aiming to help manufacturers reduce lead times on design at this year’s Subcon expo, taking place this week from 4th – 6th June at NEC Birmingham, UK.(...) via Reducing design and costs for ... [Read More]