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Back to basics – why bolt preload is important | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Over the last fifty years great improvements have been made by the fastener industry in improving the design and reliability of their products. However, no matter how well designed and made the fastener itself is, it cannot alone make the joint more ... [Read More]

Mi.Me.Af. joins the Bontempi family | Fastener + Fixing Technology

In March Bontempi Vibo announced the 100% acquisition of Mi.Me.Af. – an Italian manufacturer specialised in the production of special design fasteners – as part of the company’s industrial growth strategy.(...) via Mi.Me.Af. joins the ... [Read More]

Domax introduces Grundline® brand | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Domax Sp z o.o is supplying customers with its new Grundline® brand, featuring post supports for a variety of applications, along with silver, black, gold and anthracite coloured fasteners to colour match the post supports.(...) via Domax introd... [Read More]

The importance of product testing | Fastener + Fixing Technology

The news is sadly littered with stories about products not being fit for purpose, from cladding, to structures, to breast implants. The end result is a threat or harm to human life, as well as damage of all kinds. Add environmental damage to that, ... [Read More]

Welding or bolting? Comparing joining methods in bridge construction | Fastener + Fixing Technology

The following text explores this topic in detail. It is an excerpt from the white paper: ‘Bridge Design, Construction & Maintenance: Insights and Best Practices for a Rapidly Changing Sector’, produced by Nord-Lock Group.(...) via Welding ... [Read More]

A new member of the Strux® clinch family | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Camcar InnovationsSM, the inventor of well known industry standards such as genuine Torx®, Strux®, and MAG-FORM®, has introduced the Strux SM™ – a stronger and more reliable assembly alternative to traditional clinch studs for sheet aluminium ... [Read More]

Gecko plastic fastening solutions | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Through constant expansion of its production portfolio; consistently investing in its tooling; and establishing new offices around the world; Gecko Fastener has been able to establish itself as a key supplier for plastic fasteners.(...) via Gecko ... [Read More]

The plating and coating eBook | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Earnest Machine, the industrial fastener manufacturer and distributor, has launched a new free eBook offering a comprehensive look at solving corrosion and harsh environment issues with platings and coatings for fasteners.(...) via The plating and ... [Read More]

A guide to sealing fasteners | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Fasteners such as screws, bolts, nuts, and rivets provide connections for critical components and disparate substrates across industries. Sealing fasteners go a step further by tightly sealing against the substrate, making them particularly useful ... [Read More]

New telecentric measurement system | Fastener + Fixing Technology

Keyence has introduced a new range of in-line telecentric measurement systems - TM-X5000 -which employs highly advanced silhouette-based analysis for guaranteed accuracy, designed specifically to measure parts rapidly and consistently as they pass ... [Read More]