Issue: #125 September 2020 | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

A poem by Walt Whitman, ‘O Captain! My Captain!’ was famously referenced in the film Dead Poet’s Society, when students stood on their desks in honour of their teacher Mr Keating, played by Robin Williams, when he left the school. With that ... [Read More]

wire® to go ahead in December | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

The European umbrella organisations as well as major companies of the leading international trade fairs wire® and Tube have spoken out in favour of the decision to continue with plans to hold the trade fair on 7th – 11th December 2020 at Düsse... [Read More]

Planning for a ‘revolution’ | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

For Ambrovit SpA 2020 has been a year of transition, a year to strengthen its operations and be part of an active market recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, we speak to Mattia Sozzè, quality manager, on how Ambrovit was able to adapt ... [Read More]

The story behind Jolt Wrench | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Here inventor Mick Carrington explains the unlikely story behind a new patent-pending breaker bar, referred to as a ‘Jolt Wrench’, which can be transformed into a high torque breaker by removing a set screw.(...) via The story behind Jolt ... [Read More]

Issue #125 September 2020 Preview | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

In this episode of Fastener Talk, Editor Will Lowry and Deputy Editor Claire Aldridge take you through what to expect in Issue #125 September 2020 of Fastener + Fixing Magazine.(...) via Issue #125 September 2020 Preview | Fastener + Fixing ... [Read More]

Expanding zinc flake capabilities | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

US-based company STC Dip Spin and Switzerland-based Forplan AG, have created a strategic alliance allowing the companies to offer state of the art equipment and processes to existing and new customers for the application of various coatings, ... [Read More]

When is a back-up wrench needed? | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Here Bill Eccles, from Bolt Science, looks at when a back-up wrench is needed for the installation of bolt and nut assemblies and when it is not.(...) via When is a back-up wrench needed? | Fastener + Fixing Magazine. [Read More]

Allways Precision recommends CONDAT products for grinding | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

US-based Allways Precision, a specialist in rebuilding and supplying centreless grinders to the aerospace fastener market, has announced its recommendation of CONDAT products for its customers’ grinding applications.(...) via Allways Precision ... [Read More]

Holding together the world’s largest telescope | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

BUMAX has been chosen to supply thousands of high strength and corrosion resistant fasteners for the ELT, Extremely Large Telescope, currently under construction in the Netherlands.(...) via Holding together the world’s largest telescope | ... [Read More]

Fastener manufacturer responds to demand for PPE | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

As the global demand for PPE continues to rise, UK-based industrial fastener supplier, Advance Spares Ltd, has responded by turning a large part of its production schedule to the supply of essential PPE.(...) via Fastener manufacturer responds to ... [Read More]