Springs for automotive – a field of science built on three cornerstones | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Material. Manufacturing process. Design. How these factors interact is crucial for the characteristics of a spring. As there is no relevant academic research in this field in Sweden, Lesjöfors decided to develop the knowledge needed to design ... [Read More]

Bearing surface cracks | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

US-based General Inspection LLC has installed another one of its HALO inspection systems, this time for a bolt maker in Spain.(...) via Bearing surface cracks | Fastener + Fixing Magazine. [Read More]

Light duty fixings produced by pgb-Polska | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

pgb-Polska is the Polish production plant of pgb-Europe (headquartered in Belgium), which is specialised in the manufacturing of nylon anchoring systems – offering high performance fixing systems to provide fastening solutions for every branch in ... [Read More]

Double productivity with RIV609 | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Rivit states that efficiency becomes automatic with its RIV609, the automatic system for blind rivets, helping to transform the loading of the rivet into a time saving operation.(...) via Double productivity with RIV609 | Fastener + Fixing Magazine. [Read More]

Why ultrasonic clamp load measurement? | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Up until June 2018 I worked for a global OEM in vehicle testing, specifically carrying out ultrasonic clamp load measurement in threaded joints in regard to suspension systems and component durability testing, as well as prototype and product build ... [Read More]

Brazilian strength and creativity | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Âncora is a Brazilian fastening systems manufacturer for civil construction, working with international certificated products. Operating for three decades, Âncora has been engaged in the construction of harbours, airports, stadiums, technological ... [Read More]

Faster, safer, more mobile and modern | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

After 13 successful years, the Lederer online shop for stainless steel fasteners has been replaced by a more modern, high performance and flexible eBusiness solution.(...) via Faster, safer, more mobile and modern | Fastener + Fixing Magazine. [Read More]

New INDEXcal v4.0 | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

INDEX Fixing Systems has announced the release of the new version of its INDEXcal anchor design software.(...) via New INDEXcal v4.0 | Fastener + Fixing Magazine. [Read More]

Threadlocking and sealing systems | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Hafren is able to offer its security fasteners with a pre-applied nylon anti-vibration locking patch – helping to ensure an assembly that will stay together irrespective of unauthorised tampering, or vibration.(...) via Threadlocking and sealing ... [Read More]

Fastener quality and customers | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

In the May edition Maddy Webb, director of quality at Trifast Plc, looked at the importance of quality within the fastener industry. Here, she focuses on the role fastener quality plays with customers and the expectations regarding zero defects.(.... [Read More]