Bülte Group acquires the fasteners division of Werit | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Bülte Group, which has been active in the manufacture of plastic fasteners and protection products since 1956, is now extending the scope of its activity by acquiring the specialised plastic fasteners division of Werit in Germany.(...) via Bülte ... [Read More]

Eurocodes: The European reference design codes | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

By Barbara Sorgato, secretary general of the European Consortium of Anchor Producers (ECAP) When I came back to Milan in 1999, after working in Berlin for six years as a designer for private and public works, I could not easily sell my design ... [Read More]

Automation is the future | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

For many years Ambrovit has been focused on automation and 2021 has been no different – with the company increasing its number of automation lines for even faster order processing and faster product delivery.(...) via Automation is the future | ... [Read More]

Cost saving with cold forming secondary operations | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Fastmatec has presented a method for performing secondary operation by cold forming using specially designed machines by Tze Ping Machinery Co Ltd, which has many years’ experience with this technology.(...) via Cost saving with cold forming ... [Read More]

Accurate bolt tension measurements for wind turbines | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Denmark-based R&D AS has developed the Bolt-Check solution, which accurately measures bolt tension within wind turbines, using ultrasonic sensors and software analysis, to help maintain the right tension of bolted joints.(...) via Accurate bolt ... [Read More]

SFS awarded “Global Supplier Award” from Bosch | Torque-Expo

SFS has announced that it has been awarded as one of Bosch’s most reliable suppliers, accepting the award of best “Direct Purchasing- Mobility Solutions”. Other factors that contributed to this award include the company’s constant willingn... [Read More]

A new method for determining optimum thread rolling set-ups | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Here Laurence Claus, NNi Training and Consulting Inc, discusses a new thread rolling technology from Mule Technology LLC that can improve part quality and efficiency, reduce set-up time and complexity, as well as produce repeatability in set-ups.(... [Read More]

Suspension solution for lightweight services | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Gripple® – a registered trademark of UK-based Gripple Ltd – says its new InvisiGrip® wire fastener offers a professional, visually discreet and easy to install solution for the suspension of lightweight services.(...) via Suspension solution ... [Read More]

Special solutions from Owlett-Jaton | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

Whilst the majority of fastener applications can be met by fasteners produced to recognised standards, there are other applications for which standard products do not meet the needs of the application. They need something more specialised – a ... [Read More]

Cool the tool – efficient cutting tool solutions | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

One of the main tasks in metal cutting is to extract the enormous heat in the cutting zone efficiently. This is quite a challenge, especially in turning work where there is continuous contact between the cutting edge and the workpiece. ARNO Werkze... [Read More]