Fully Threaded Radio

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #143 – Hexitivity (158:58)

Time is getting short ahead of the annual International Fastener Expo, in more ways than one, as Bryce Campbell of Bryce Security Fastener explains during a thought provoking conversation touching on screws, T. rex, and the fabric of reality ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #142 – Ugly Bolts (115:36)

Sales remain hot for many in the fastener industry as summer sizzles along, yet the FDI shows a dramatic cool down and the outlook isn’t so pretty. Innovative Components chief, Mike O’Connor attests to the mixed signals, and announces a big ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #141 – Trade War Drinking Games (122:53)

Is it a national trade policy or a drinking game? The industry speaks out on tariffs during floor interviews from Fastener Fair USA (20:54) and FastenerTech ‘19 (1:27:25) featuring Wayne Wishnew, Jake Davis, GH III, Rob Reynolds, Jackie “Kind of ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #140 – Men of Action (148:04)

Description:Like a true life action figure with a sawhorse and a handshake, Tim Jackson explains how he took Action Fasteners from the garage to an acquisition and beyond (1:45:44). The NCFA Distributor Social was a major success with its own brand ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode 139 – The Vegemite Files (205:20)

Although it required a Texas-sized helping of dubious sandwich spread to pull off, industry veteran and conversationalist, Marty Nolan of R. L. English turns the table on FTR host Mr. Brian Musker during a highly anticipated, landmark interview. ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #138 – Direct Connections (158:32)

When precision fastener manufacturer and conversationalist, Charlie Kerr, of Kerr Lakeside, crashes onto the scene, the discussion topics carom from the master distribution model to blockchain to baseball (13:03). Then, in their direct fashion, Bob ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #137 – Opportunity Lost (146:28)

Apple says it can’t source the tiny screws it needs from U.S. manufacturers, but some domestic suppliers disagree. Could it be a case of missed opportunity? Fastener industry veteran Andy Cohn, of Duncan Bolt, explains from the perspective of an ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #136 – Wake Up Call (120:51)

At first glance, the screw biz can seem a sleepy industry, quietly minding its own business. But when Steve Dunham of SASCO Fasteners tells the harrowing tale of a computer ransomware attack on his business, you’ll be roused without even a whiff ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Voice of the FCH Fastener Sourcing Network, Most recent Episodes

The fastener industry knows how to laugh, but bolts and nuts are serious business. NFDA president, Kelly Cole clearly grasps this as he surveys industry operating conditions, previews an upcoming landmark association meeting, and explains his unique ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #134 – Got Zarf? (166:15)

The fastener industry reacts to the news and events of this year’s International Fastener Expo, featuring perennial expo observers Jake Davis, of BTM Manufacturing, and Rosa “The Riveter” Hearn, of Brighton Best International (1:07:51). Also, ... [Read More]