Fully Threaded Radio

Fully Threaded Radio – Special Report: IFE 2021 (50:00)

The 2021 International Fastener Expo surprised many with its stronger than expected attendance and upbeat feel. Direct from the scaled down show floor, the lovely and talented Lynn Dempsey speaks with attendees on a wide variety of topics. Plus, ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #168 – Another Slice (2:07:33)

Fastener Professional of the Year, family business operator and philanthropist Jim Derry of Field Fastener reflects on what it takes to be successful in business and in life (1:29:32). NCFA Screw Open full coverage, including this year's winner of ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Special Report: MWFA 75th and Table Top (42:01)

The Mid-West Fastener Association table top show, 75th anniversary black tie gala, and annual golf tournament were wildly successful. Kicked off by a pair of unofficial but equally energized events, FSTNR Week '21 was received by an enthusiastic ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #167 – Pass the Chips (2:17:11)

Fastener industry legend and chip shot artist Mr. Robbie Gilchrist describes current market conditions, the future of the rep business, and how the NFDA found its way (18:28/1:30:25). AIM Testing Labs partner Rob LaPointe explains how hydrogen ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #165 – Diversions (2:29:12)

Sales activity continues to boom, along with supply chain headaches, so naturally INxSQL founder Bob Reynolds and the uncancelable Joe Truckey of Cal Fasteners turn their thoughts to summer golf (1:41:19). In pursuit of another kind of diversion, ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #164 – Safe and Effective (2:33:38)

It’s safe to say Jake “Valdez” Davis of BTM Manufacturing and Bob “GQ” Baer of Abbott-Interfast have been training with varying degrees of intensity, but will their efforts prove effective during the upcoming Tough Mudder event? They ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #163 – Worth Hearing (2:30:08)

From a rural Texas workshop to the minds of fastener users around the world, technical educators Randy Lammers and Aaron Keevan share their vast knowledge on the exciting new webcast, Würth Knowing. They explain their vision for the online series, ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #162 – Our Dinner with Charlie (2:51:39)

During a veritable banquet of fastener industry intel and commentary, Mr. Charlie Kerr of Kerr Lakeside serves up a super-sized portion of predominantly fastener-related banter. Who ordered the surcharges? (1:35:17) Brighton Best International ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #160 – Strange But Good (2:35:22)

The fastener industry reports booming business, while the world at large seems poised for something else. What gives? Tough guys Jake “Valdez” Davis of BTM Manufacturing and “Coolhand” John Butler of the Olander Company attempt to solve this ... [Read More]

Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #159 – Threadnosed (2:17:58)

As the year winds down, the fastener industry is buoyed with optimism, even as it faces growing market pressures and wild uncertainty. Keeping things jolly, Buckeye Fasteners manager, Larry Kelly shares the frostified back story of Old Rusty Bolt ... [Read More]