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Posted Date: 02/12/2011

Powers Fasteners introduces TriggerFoam Pro™ FireBlock this new products is a professional grade, gun applied polyurethane foam sealant designed to efficiently block the spread of smoke and flame in type V residential construction. It’s more cost effective than fiberglass and caulks used for this purpose.

TriggerFoam Pro™ FireBlock adheres to wood, metal, masonry and concrete. Seals gaps and joints, insulates, stops air infiltration and saves time and money and is ideal for use around pipes, wires and ductwork.

TriggerFoam Pro™ FireBlock is dispensed though a gun that allows the user to control the flow rate and the diameter of the bead. The easily adjustable applicator can dispense foam beads as small as 1/8” allowing for precise placement of the foam.

The precision value helps prevent pressure loss and prolongs shelf life. Voids should be filled approximately 30-40% to allow for the final expansion of the foam. Recommended curing time is 24 hours prior to scraping or painting, and is physiologically harmless when fully cured.

TriggerFoam Pro™ FireBlock is safe to use, containing no CFCs no PCBs and no urea formaldehyde as they are being dispensed, and has a neutral order. The stop and go application product remains liquid in the applicator until dispensed.


• Floor / wall joints
• Electrical junction boxes
• Attics
• Refrigeration units and pipes
• Air conditioning systems

• Breaches in walls
• Pipe penetrations in …

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