Russia to introduce AD duty on imports of steel fasteners |

Article by · 2010/12/27 ·

It is reported that the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has offered to introduce antidumping duties USD 282.4 per tonne for fasteners import to Russia.

Rosmetiz corporations are against this measure, since wire products market participants beware of fasteners prices boost. However, Russian manufacturers seem to be unable to produce high quality fasteners without protective measures.

The duty can be applied to screw bolts and washers and nuts. The duty USD 282.4 per tonne can be introduced for 3 years.

The exception is fasteners produced in Belarus and developing counties which use special preference system of Russia. Products of PCR origin are subject to the duty.

Considering that mutual antidumping investigations in wire products market have been held by the US and China Governments since 2007, Minpromtorg intends to protect Russian market from Chinese products.

The investigation was initiated in Russian by Magnitogorsk Steel and Wire Works MMK METIZ and Severstal Metiz in May 2009. However, the offer about duties introduction was rejected then.

Earlier the antidumping duty was introduced in 2007 for 3 years.

Source: Kommersant

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