Fully Threaded #16 Available Today

Article by · 2010/12/10 ·

I have been told by a reliable source that the 16th episode of Fully Threaded Radio will be up and available later today (12/9/10) and among the guests will be Leo Coar from LINK magazine. Leo is an industry veteran who has reported fastener news and promoted almost every fastener company in his magazine and it should be an interesting interview. Hosts, Eric Dudas and Brian Musker do a terrific job with their interviews so I’m expecting this should be a good one.

As I write this post I am waiting for the beginning of the Fastenal trade show to begin later today. I know a lot of fastener companies get invited to this show (I can see the list of exhibitors) but I still think there are a lot of companies that don’t really have a good feel for this show. How can a company get all of these exhibitors to pay a large amount of money to support this show? Two things – first, Fastenal must do a lot of business with these suppliers for them to be invited. Second, they promise a steady stream of young, eager Fastenal employees that will file by the booths and will be stopping at each one to learn move about the companies that attend…

source : Fastenerblog – full article : Fully Threaded #16 Available Today.