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John Wolz and the team from Fastener Industry News posted results of a survey in the August 27, 2018 edition of FIN. The topic was fastener trade shows and the the headline read “What Exhibitors Want”. A lot of the responses were what you would expect. Some want shorter hours, some want longer hours. Some complain about the number of shows, including the regional shows and table tops. If you try to attend them all it can nearly be a full time job. People commented on the location of the shows. Exhibitors care more about the number of prospects and customers attending the show and do not care about the number of booths – something that show operators NEED to be have for the show to be successful. The last comment of the article was from an exhibitor that attended a small regional show and had a prospect visit his booth that eventually turned into a $100,000/year customer. Paid for that and the other shows. It can happen, though he admitted it is “not the norm”.(…)

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