Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #134 – Got Zarf? (166:15)

Article by · 2018/11/19 ·

The fastener industry reacts to the news and events of this year’s International Fastener Expo, featuring perennial expo observers Jake Davis, of BTM Manufacturing, and Rosa “The Riveter” Hearn, of Brighton Best International (1:07:51). Also, from the show floor, the lovely and talented Lynn Dempsey speaks with Fastener Industry Hall of Fame award winners Robbie Gilchrist and Bob Sachs, and YFP award winners Jun Xu and Peggy Hsieh of BBI, along with Hans Fuller, Matt Boyd, John “Cool Hand” Butler, Don Nowak, Rich Cavoto, Baron “The Bearded Nut” Yarborough and more (20:01). Fastener Technology International editor Mike McNulty breaks industry headlines and the latest rally of the FDI on the Fastener News Report (48:53). Plus, four important reference resources your fastener business cannot afford to be without, on this edition of the Fastener Training Minute with Carmen Vertullo (1:01:07). BONUS: Winner of the 5th annual FTR/FTI Fastener Training Week scholarship, and also the winner of the First Edition FCH Thread Shad contest. Brian and Eric expand their vocabularies as they note a major addition to the coffee drinker’s lexicon. Run time: 02:46:15(…)

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