Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #140 – Men of Action (148:04)

Article by · 2019/05/21 ·

Description:Like a true life action figure with a sawhorse and a handshake, Tim Jackson explains how he took Action Fasteners from the garage to an acquisition and beyond (1:45:44). The NCFA Distributor Social was a major success with its own brand of fastener action, including plenty of spirited conversation about tariffs (15:09). Moving away from the fastener fray for his own reasons, Damon Carson of Repurposed Materials explains why excess fastener inventory can be such a challenge (33:34). Then, Rick Peterson of All-West Components sits in to comment on rebounding Fastener Distributor Index numbers (1:18:02). During the Fastener Training Minute, guru Carmen Vertullo reminds us that commingling fasteners is still an important consideration (1:39:45). Plus, show manager Morgan Wilson previews the upcoming International Fastener Expo, and announces some welcome improvements (1:02:48). Thematically, Brian and Eric saw some action of their own recently, courtesy of the FCH Thread Shad.(…)

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