Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #141 – Trade War Drinking Games (122:53)

Article by · 2019/06/12 ·

Is it a national trade policy or a drinking game? The industry speaks out on tariffs during floor interviews from Fastener Fair USA (20:54) and FastenerTech ‘19 (1:27:25) featuring Wayne Wishnew, Jake Davis, GH III, Rob Reynolds, Jackie “Kind of a Big Deal” Ventura, JR Prahl, Chris McCaffrey, GQ, Bill Boak, Joanne Bialas and many more. Brighton Best VP Steve Andrasik joins industry anchorman Mike McNulty on the Fastener News Report to analyze mixed FDI numbers (57:05). Carmen Vertullo explains how long is too long for structural bolts during the Fastener Training Minute (1:21:50). Plus, Marc Strandquist announces a big change (14:02), and the MWFA golf tourney produces an unexpected new champion. Brian and Eric explain exactly what the tariffs mean for the fastener industry, sort of. Run time: 02:02:53(…)

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