Fully Threaded Radio – Episode #143 – Hexitivity (158:58)

Article by · 2019/08/21 ·

Time is getting short ahead of the annual International Fastener Expo, in more ways than one, as Bryce Campbell of Bryce Security Fastener explains during a thought provoking conversation touching on screws, T. rex, and the fabric of reality (1:31:26). Baird senior analyst David Manthey describes what goes into producing the monthly Fastener Distributor Index report (22:52). London Penland of Eurolink and IFE manager Morgan Wilson look ahead to Vegas (47:29), and industry anchorman Mike McNulty welcomes Blue Chip Engineered Products boss, Ken Sanker to dissect the latest FDI reading on the Fastener News Report (1:03:17). Also, Carmen Vertullo discusses passivation on the Fastener Training Minute (1:25:06). BONUS: Old Rusty Bolt is back! Brian and Eric hint at their really cool giveaway for this year’s Vegas show, and also traverse the entire known universe. Run time: 02:38:58(…)

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