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Article by · 2011/02/12 ·

According to data from Ministry of Finance Japan, Japan fastener export for the first eleven months of 2010 showed recovery with export volume up 42.6% to 293,445 tons, and the total value up 36.0% to 232.1 billion yen, reported the World of Screws.

Export volume for November rose 9.1% to 26,392 tons with value up 6.7% to 20 billion yen.

Exports for the first half of 2010 saw a fast rise with the export volume of 156,206 tons, up 81.1% over the same period of 2009, and export value of 125.6 billion yen, up 69.2%. But exports for July to November of 2010 saw a steady increase with export volume up 14.8% to 137,238 tons, and export value up 10.5% to 106.5 billion yen due to the yen’s appreciation in August. For the fist half of the year, all kinds of fasteners hiked except for ‘other articles with screws’ with a decrease over the same period of 2009.

On country side, China continues to be the No.1 importer of Japan fastener goods, with export volume of 73,576 tons and value of 59.5 billion yen, up 33.7% and 30.3%, respectively for the first eleven months of 2010. But the percentage of the total volume and value to China saw a little decrease from the last year. However, exports to China took up 25% of the total exports of Japan, making China keeping the NO.1 importer of Japan fasteners. Thailand surpassed Europe becoming the third importer of Japan fasteners, second only …

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