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Bazibaza comments :

Herebelow are the comments with just published on the blog of fastenerblog.on on the post “Twitter Fastener News”

Regarding the use of Twitter, a few comments from our account @bazifasteners :

– We  love to publish on twitter, it is a 24 hours job, and due to time difference or the way we collect the news, sometimes we are the first to publish some news, sometimes we come after the battle !

RISK on Twitter : Noise, pollution

– one of the main risk is to publish tweets that are not linked to the fastener industry, bringing much noise to this hastag. This happens every day.

– second risk lies in the pollution due to multiple retweets of the same original tweet. Sometimes we can read a complete list of retweets before finding a new information. For ourself, we start to retweet without the hastag #fasteners.

– at @bazifasteners, we use mainly the hastag #fasteners, that is to say the keyword used to mention the topic of the tweet.

– the hastag #fastener is already too “polluted” with too many tweets not related to the topic

– we republish posts from and .com as they have no access to twitter. Some collegues do it as well.

– we even regularly rewrite and tweet some articles from Fastener News Now (American Fastener Journal), as their website use dynamic URL that stops Search Engines like Google to index their pages.

– As well articles from digital magazine deserve their own tweet.  Fastener Technology International is one of the only few to publish several articles in a readable manner for search engine, that is NOT in flash version. We are happy to tweet some of them. Same applies to Fastener+Fixing Magazine

– Tweet in several other languages : we like to publish news in german and french. German companies are very active in their news. The line shutdown for several days due to lack of fasteners in Peugeot Car Maker workshops made the headlines in France.
Can you imagine that, the cost for Agrati ? 9 or 10 figures in fees ? will the insurance pay anything ?
We lack news in spanish and italian and other languages even though we try to collect those info. Google Translate allows to get a reasonnable understanding of each post.

– Growth in the number of tweets :
we are afraid that only few companies are tweeting now, so that the number of tweets will just explode in the coming weeks and months.
Reason we now publish a Daily digest by email, together with our weekly press review, on request of many readers. Among given reasons, that they were losing too much time reading the tweets.

Well that’s all for today, let’s go back to check the news and see if anything got to be published right now !

Enjoy your day


Daniel Rivalin
@Bazifasteners is the twitter account from our fastener business directories Bazibaza