Fastener History – Global Fastener News

Article by · 2010/12/17 ·

I often do a quick look at various fastener news sites to see if there is anything new and worth commenting on. I am embarrassed to admit that at times I do not even use those features that are available to me right at my fingertips. ME!!, a half-baked, pseudo-member of the fastener media community. So, maybe you too missed this.Along the left hand side of the site there are several tabs and one is labeled “Fastener History”. Click on it and you can see headlines from the last few decades that are from the industry. And the dates of publication are noted there too. One that kind of caught my eye was “Park-Ohio, Questron & Wurth Announce Acquisitions”. Wow, there are some stories that go along with THAT headline. It was dated 1999. There are a bunch of these that will quickly make you realize how fast time flies by.Anyways, just thought I’d share this to give you something to do over the weekend. Oh, unless you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet.

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